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News video games 04 April 2024, 05:54

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Millennia Received Update 'Zero.' Devs of Civ 6-Like Strategy Address Concerns About DLC

Millennia has received a post-release „zero” update. Studio C Prompt Games also revealed what it is preparing for players, and confirmed one thing about the DLC.

Source: C Prompt Games / Paradox Interactive.

The launch of the new 4X strategy from Paradox Interactive's catalog was, to be honest, not entirely successful. It definitely performs better in terms of reviews on Steam than the publisher's other, more prominent release, but it's also hard to see it as a major success.

However, the devs from C Prompt Games studio didn't make players wait for major improvements as long as the Colossal Order team did. Millennia received "update 0," which introduces numerous improvements to the balance, gameplay and technical aspects of the game.

DLC and free mechanics

Ian Fische, the CEO of C Prompt Games, discussed the game's development plans, including the announcement of the release of the roadmap, in a detailed post published on Steam and the official Paradox website. The developers also plan to release smaller "items" as part of upcoming updates or DLCs, in addition to the major new features coming to Millennia.

The developer also clarified one issue: Millennia will get additional mechanics when the DLC debuts, but these new additions will be included as part of free updates for the base game version. Expansions will at most introduce more elements related to these systems.

Mention was also made of fixes planned for the near future. Among other things, the game will feature the option to remove vassals independently and the possibility to customize the combat preview screen (Combat Viewer).

Patch 0 is an introduction to changes

The most space is taken up by the list of fixed errors in the "zero" update. Some of them are small issues such as typos in the game interface, but more significant defects have also been addressed, including a bug that caused incorrect calculation of "Needs" values for cities and a problem with blocking one of the technologies after the discovery of Deforestation by an AI-controlled player.

In terms of balance, the devs increased the cost of production acceleration (by 20%), changed the Upkeep cost for units, and increased it for mercenaries and soldiers.

You can find the full list of changes on the official Paradox company website. At the moment, players express a moderate level of enthusiasm for the changes that have been introduced, but the majority are waiting for additional improvements. Especially the option mentioned by the developers to get rid of vassals.

Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

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