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News video games 25 March 2024, 05:28

author: Adrian Werner

New on Steam. Civilization Rival From Paradox and Beautiful City Builder in Fantasy Settings

This week on Steam, games such as Millennia, Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles, Sentry, Between Horizons, Outpost: Infinity Siege, South Park: Snow Day!, Geneforge 2: Infestation, Necrosmith 2, Open Roads, Under The Yoke, Felvidek, or Maniac will be released.

Source: Paradox

Welcome to the series that discusses the most important upcoming releases on Steam. After the spring sale ended, developers and publishers rushed to release their games on the market. In the coming days, fans of strategy games, adventures, and games with hand-painted graphics will have many reasons to be pleased.

The premiere of the week is Millennia (March 26, 2024)

Millennia is expected to be one of the most important premieres of the week. It's an extensive historical 4X strategy game, designed as Paradox's answer to Sid Meier's Civilization series. The game will allow us to lead one nation for 10,000 years.

The game includes a unique turn-back mechanic that lets you fix mistakes and eliminates the need to create new saves constantly.

  1. Millennia on Steam

The most important premieres on Steam: March 25-31, 2024.

March 25

Acolyte of the Altar

Acolyte of the Altar is a card-based roguelike for single player. We will battle enormous creatures using a deck that we have personally put together.

  1. Acolyte of the Altar on Steam

The game has a demo on Steam.

Between Horizons

One of the most interesting premieres of the week promises to be Between Horizons, a new adventure game from DigiTales studio, known for the warmly received game Lacuna (92% positive reviews on Steam).

The game will allow you to become a security officer on board a spaceship in the middle of a century-long expedition to an alien world. The game will focus on detective elements and provide a high level of freedom in gameplay and a non-linear storyline. We will gather evidence and identify the culprits in each investigation on our own, and the game will enable us to make incorrect decisions, compelling us to confront their repercussions.

  1. Between Horizons on Steam

The game has a demo on Steam.


This week, the early access of Palia will come to an end and at the same time, the game will finally debut on Steam (previously it was available on Epic Games Store).

It's a relaxing life simulator focused on multiplayer gameplay. Its early version was warmly received - in the Epic Games Store it has an average rating of 4.5/5 stars.

  1. Palia on Steam

Sentry (early access)

Today, Sentry will be released in early access. It's a promising FPS game where we have to protect a spaceship from alien forces attempting to board it. Compared to other games of this genre, the title is distinguished by the non-linearity of the campaign. If our character dies, they will be replaced by another one, and failing to defend a certain section of the ship won't result in having to start the game over, but it will affect the further course of the campaign.

  1. Sentry on Steam

Seven Skies to Paradise

Seven Skies to Paradise is a beautiful arcade game with hand-painted graphics in which we will use an aircraft to explore the sky above the ruins of human civilization. The influence of wind on flight is expected to be an intriguing element. The wind's direction will affect the airship's speed - the machine will slow down if we try to fly against the wind.

  1. Seven Skies to Paradise on Steam

Suzerain: Kingdom of Rizia

Fans of the warmly received strategy game Suzerain (with 93% positive reviews on Steam) are eagerly counting down the days to the premiere of the expansion Kingdom of Rizia. The expansion will introduce the possibility of directing a new state, which, unlike the democratic country known from the base, will be a monarchy.

  1. Suzerain: Kingdom of Rizia on Steam


In turn, Velsignelser is a turn-based strategy game with board game elements. We will concentrate on expanding the map by placing tiles, where we will organize agricultural crops, and then use them for trading and waging wars against Babylon.

  1. Velsignelser on Steam

The game has a demo on Steam.

New Games on Steam. Civilization Rival From Paradox and Beautiful City Builder in Fantasy Settings - picture #1
Source: Cartographic Interactive.

March 26

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles

On Tuesday, Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles will be released. It's a city-building strategy game set in a fantasy world with an open structure. The demo available on Steam makes an excellent impression, so we have high expectations for this title.

  1. Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles on Steam

The game has a demo on Steam.

Ender Magnolia: Bloom in the Mist (early access)

Ender Magnolia: Bloom in the Mist is a beautiful 2D metroidvania platformer. The game is a sequel to the warmly received Ender Lilies Quietus of the Knights, which has 94% positive reviews on Steam.

  1. Ender Magnolia: Bloom in the Mist on Steam

Engineered To Purpose

Engineered To Purpose is a tower defense strategy that is distinguished from other games of this genre by two elements. First, we will design defensive towers ourselves using an advanced system that also allows for testing before battle. Second, the game is set to offer an extensive plot, addressing topics such as posthumanism.

  1. Engineered To Purpose on Steam
New Games on Steam. Civilization Rival From Paradox and Beautiful City Builder in Fantasy Settings - picture #2
Source: Confidence Roll Games.

Outpost: Infinity Siege

Outpost: Infinity Siege will combine the mechanisms of a first-person shooter with a tower defense strategy. During the game, we will explore an alien planet in search of resources, which we will then use to build a fortified base. Defense of the base will be carried out both by automatic defensive structures and by ourselves in a typical FPS style.

  1. Outpost: Infinity Siege on Steam

South Park: Snowy Day!

This week we also have the premiere of South Park: Snow Day!, a cooperative action game based on the license of the popular animated comedy series.

  1. South Park: Snowy Day! on Steam

The Settlers: New Allies

Tomorrow on Steam, The Settlers: New Allies will be released, which is the latest installment of the strategic series from Blue Byte studio. It's more of an item for the most devoted series fans - the game was released last year in the Ubisoft store and the Epic Games Store, receiving low ratings (with an average score of 54% according to Metacritic).

  1. The Settlers: New Allies on Steam

March 27

The Colonists: New Lands

The popular strategy game The Colonists from 2018 will receive the DLC New Lands this week. The expansion will offer six new maps and additional buildings to construct.

  1. The Colonists: New Lands on Steam

Geneforge 2: Infestation

Fans of classic RPGs are eagerly anticipating the release of Geneforge 2: Infestation, a refreshed edition of the 2003 game.

The title is produced by Spiderweb Software, which has been developing such games for 30 years. When it comes to games from this company, we know precisely what to anticipate - extremely basic graphics, a superb plot, and gameplay that provides a sophisticated turn-based combat system and ample flexibility in task completion.

  1. Geneforge 2 - Infestation on Steam
New Games on Steam. Civilization Rival From Paradox and Beautiful City Builder in Fantasy Settings - picture #3
Source: Spiderweb Software.

Mars 2120

Version 1.0 of Mars 2120, a metroidvania-style 2.5D platformer, will be released this week. The early version has 100% positive reviews on Steam, but there are only ten of them, so it's hard to assess how reliable this result is.

  1. Mars 2120 on Steam
New Games on Steam. Civilization Rival From Paradox and Beautiful City Builder in Fantasy Settings - picture #4
Source: QUByte Interactive

Necrosmith 2

Necrosmith 2 combines tower defense, roguelike, and bullet hell shooter elements in a strategy game. We will guide a necromancer in it, trying to conquer a fantasy land.

The first instalment, released two years ago, was warmly received - it has 82% positive reviews on Steam.

  1. Necrosmith 2 on Steam

Terra Memoria

Terra Memoria is a promising RPG that, in addition to the exploration and turn-based battles typical of this genre, will offer extensive crafting mechanics, including building construction. This will be useful, for instance, when solving puzzles.

  1. Terra Memoria on Steam

The game has a demo on Steam.

The Magical Mixture Mill

Early access to the game The Magical Mixture Mill will end this week. This is a combination of strategy and simulation, in which we deal with the organization of a company producing magical potions.

The Early Access version was warmly received - it has 84% positive reviews on Steam.

  1. The Magical Mixture Mill on Steam
New Games on Steam. Civilization Rival From Paradox and Beautiful City Builder in Fantasy Settings - picture #5
Source: Glowlight.


This will be a good week for gamers who like games with hand-painted graphics. In addition to the previously mentioned Seven Skies to Paradise, Unleaving will also be available for sale on Steam. It will be a platform game with a strong emphasis on solving puzzles.

  1. Unleaving on Steam

March 28

Enlisted: Reinforced (early access)

Enlisted: Reinforced is an online shooter set in the realities of World War II. The game was released in 2020 and is only now coming to Steam.

  1. Enlisted: Reinforced on Steam

Galactic Ruler Enlightenment

On the other hand, Galactic Ruler Enlightenment is a space strategy focused on waging wars in stars. BattleGoat Studios is responsible for the project, as they are the devs of the Supreme Ruler series. So we can expect simple graphics, which will try to compensate us with a very high level of gameplay mechanisms development.

  1. Galactic Ruler Enlightenment on Steam

The game has a demo on Steam.

Godsworn (early access)

Godsworn is a traditionally developed RTS, drawing on elements from the Warcraft series, among others. The story will take place in a fantastical rendition of the medieval era and will focus on the northern crusades waged against non-Christian peoples from the Baltic coast.

  1. Godsworn on Steam


Maniac is a combat-oriented Polish action game that combines roguelike mechanisms with an isometric perspective. The developers, people from the Transhuman Design studio in Warsaw, aim to replicate the enjoyment we used to have in the early releases of GTA, attempting to survive police chases with the highest number of stars for as long as possible.

  1. Maniac on Steam

The game has a demo on Steam.

One Last Breath

One Last Breath is an action-adventure game developed in the form of a 2.5D platformer. We will lead Gaia, who will attempt to revive life on Earth after the planet was ravaged by an extinct human civilization.

  1. One Last Breath on Steam
New Games on Steam. Civilization Rival From Paradox and Beautiful City Builder in Fantasy Settings - picture #6
Source: Moonatic Studios.

Open Roads

Open Roads is an adventure game featuring a star-studded cast, with the main roles played by actresses Kaitlyn Dever and Keri Russell.

The game was developed by people who previously made Gone Home and Tacoma, which have 77% and 87% positive reviews on Steam, respectively.

  1. Open Roads on Steam

Pepper Grinder

Pepper Grinder is an action adventure game developed in the form of a two-dimensional platformer. An unusual feature is supposed to be equipping the heroine with a large drill, allowing her to pierce certain elements of the map in order to, for instance, reach treasures or avoid enemies.

  1. Pepper Grinder on Steam

The game has a demo on Steam.

Under The Yoke

In turn, Under The Yoke is a life simulator in which we will guide a peasant family through 250 years in medieval England.

The game has an excellent graphic style, modeled after illustrations from medieval books. Judging by the demo, the gameplay should also prove to be interesting.

  1. Under The Yoke on Steam

The game has a demo on Steam.

War Tortoise

War Tortoise is a game that combines action game elements with a clicker, all based on a charmingly absurd concept. We will participate in battles with a large combat turtle, on whose shell we will install various weapons and upgrades.

  1. War Tortoise on Steam

The game has a demo on Steam.

New Games on Steam. Civilization Rival From Paradox and Beautiful City Builder in Fantasy Settings - picture #7
Source: Foursaken Media.

March 29

Blood, Fuel, Ammo & Speed

Blood, Fuel, Ammo & Speed is an FPS boomer shooter enriched with roguelike elements in the style of Vampire Survivor. We will engage in brutal fights against hordes of enemies.

  1. Blood, Fuel, Ammo & Speed on Steam

The game has a demo on Steam.


Felvidek is a game modeled on Japanese RPGs, set in 15th-century Slovakia. The title will provide plenty of humor and a very unconventional visual style.

  1. Felvidek on Steam

The game has a demo on Steam.

Carpathian Night Starring Bela Lugosi

Carpathian Night Starring Bela Lugosi is a two-dimensional platformer inspired by the Castlevania series, in which we will face Dracula.

  1. Carpathian Night Starring Bela Lugosi on Steam
New Games on Steam. Civilization Rival From Paradox and Beautiful City Builder in Fantasy Settings - picture #8
Source: Tezcatek.

Omega Crafter (early access)

Omega Crafter is a survival game that allows you to play alone or in online cooperation mode. An unusual element of the game will be the fact that during the gameplay we will be given the opportunity to construct robots, which we will program ourselves, using a rich selection of scripts.

  1. Omega Crafter on Steam

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