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News video games 09 March 2021, 18:37

author: Karol Laska

Microsoft Invites to Minecraft to Interactive Seminars on History of Feminism

As part of the Minecraft: Education Edition project, interactive lessons on the history of feminism will be held on the activities of Emmeline Pankhurst, the leader of the suffragette movement, as well as on the history of the Pakistani Nobel Peace Prize winner, Malala Yousafzai. All this in connection with International Women's Day.

  1. On March 18 at 9:00 AM PT, webinars on the history of feminism will be held as part of the Minecraft: Education Edition project;
  2. The webinars will focus on the distinguished figures of Emmeline Pankhurst and Malala Yousafzai.

In 2016, Mojang and Microsoft released a very interesting project called Minecraft: Education Edition, which is actually an expanded version of the popular sandbox game designed for school education that can be used by both students and teachers. The game is perfect especially in the times of e-learning when educators go to great lengths to compensate for the lack of opportunities for children to learn in a dedicated institution.

Minecraft: Education Edition is regularly used as a source of interactive lessons or lectures. One of the latest ideas in the project is to talk about important figures in the history of feminism in connection with the recent International Women's Day. On March 18, at 9:00 AM PT, a webinar will be held. You can can confirm your participation on Microsoft's website. What interesting thing will be prepared to learn from it?

Two important topics will be discussed during the webinar. Firstly, we will hear about the history of the suffragettes, i.e. the activist movement fighting for women's civil rights (including the ability to vote). The seminar will focus in part on Emmeline Pankhurst, the leader of the suffragettes of the Victorian era.

Microsoft Invites to Minecraft to Interactive Seminars on History of Feminism - picture #1
Students will be able to build a school for Pakistani teenage girls through Minecraft. Source: Mojang

In addition, the story of Malala Yousafzai, or Nobel Peace Prize winner, who works for women's rights in Pakistan, a country engulfed in internal and external conflicts, will be presented. In 2015, she opened a school for teenage girls.

Webinars will be led by scholars educated in these fields such as Felisa Ford, Natasha Rachell, and Ken Shelton.

  1. Minecraft: Education Edition - official website
  2. Xbox Game Studios - official homepage

Karol Laska

Karol Laska

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