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News video games 15 July 2019, 11:24

author: Bart Swiatek

Modder Removes HUD From Far Cry 5, CoD: WWII and More

Modder TheJanitor has created mods to numerous titles, including CoD: WWII, Far Cry 5 and Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Their purpose is to enable the players to disable HUDs, i.e. interface elements displayed on the screen.

TheJanitor creates useful modifications.

As PCGamer reports, modder TheJanitor devoted the last year to creating modsto games, which are designed to allow you to toggle HUD by pressing a single key. The list of titles that have received this type of mod (by this particular person) includes, among others, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Mad Max, Far Cry 5, Titanfall 2 or Call of Duty: WWII.

The modifications may be useful, for example, if you want to make a screenshot and the production does not have a dedicated photo mode (or a built-in function that allows you to remove the interface from the screen). In some cases, these mods can also noticeably change the way we perceive a game - take a look at the following video from CoD: WWII. Doesn't it feel more realistic?

The effects of TheJanitor's work can be found on NexusMods. Installation of his mods is usually very simple - it only requires copying a few files to the game directory. If you want to try it, just remember to back up your files just in case - it's still a fan project and something could go wrong.

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