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News video games 30 August 2023, 14:55

author: Jan Kopacz

Pioneers of Pagonia Launch in December; It's a New Strategy Game From The Settlers Creator

We have learned the release date of Pioneers of Pagonia, a new project by the creator of The Settlers franchise. We also know when the first demo of the game will be released.

Source: Envision Entertainment

We know when we will play Pioneers of Pagonia, the new strategy game from the designer of the early installments of The Settlers.

  1. Envision Entertainment, the studio responsible for the project announced that Pioneers of Pagonia will debut on Steam Early Access on December 13, this year.
  2. The release will be preceded by closed tests of the alpha version. They will take place in September and will be attended by selected subscribers to the studio's newsletter.
  3. In turn, on October 9, as part of the Steam Next Fest, a demo version will be made available, which all interested parties will be able to play.
  4. Pioneers of Pagonia version, which will debut in December in early access, is expected to put 40 different types of buildings and more than 70 goods at players' disposal. It will also offer a procedurally generated map.
  5. Envision Entertainment expects the Early Access stage to last at least six months. During this period, the game will receive, among other things, a cooperative mode, additional buildings, new production chains and numerous improvements to the balance and technical side of the project.

Pioneers of Pagonia is of interest to strategy fans, as it is a game very much like The Settlers, which is being developed by the father of this series - Volker Wertich. He was the originator and programmer of the first The Settlers, released in 1993 for Amiga computers. He also co-created, among other things, the third installment of the series, and after leaving Blue Byte he led the team responsible for the first two installments of the Spellforce series .

  1. Pioneers of Pagonia on Steam

One of Volker Wertich's last games can be played for free

Pioneers of Pagonia Launch in December; Its a New Strategy Game From The Settlers Creator - picture #1

Volker Wertich has spent the past decade mainly creating browser and mobile games. His last PC game was BattleForge, released in 2009. The game offered a unique hybrid of RTS and card game, but was buried by an overly aggressive monetization. Eventually, its servers were shut down in 2013.

A few years ago, a group of fans resurrected the game, developing a project called Skylords Reborn. It is a completely free, heavily enhanced and expanded version of BattleForge, devoid of any microtransactions.

  1. Skylords Reborn - download the game
Pioneers of Pagonia

Pioneers of Pagonia