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News video games 07 October 2021, 14:38

„It's Not Our Fault,” Claims Amazon in Reponse to GPU Problems in New World

The developers working on New World have addressed allegations that the game „toasts” graphics cards. From the commentary it seems that bugs and glitches are not their responsibility.

  1. Developers at Amazon have addressed recent reports of GPU issues in New World;
  2. The problems are said to affect not only defective Nvidia cards anymore, but also AMD hardware;
  3. According to the developers, the problem does not lie on their side; the investigation has not revealed any irregularities on the game's side.

Back during the beta, we heard reports that New World was causing problems for even good GPUs. Initially only RTX 3090 cards were reported to be having problems, but after the release it's being reported that AMD device owners are also having problems with Amazon Games' title. The GPUs are said to overheat, leading to annoying crashes.

As in the case of the developers previous explanation, when the cause was given as poorly made soldering in the case of some pieces of GeForce RTX 3090, also this time comment from the developers says:

"We’ve heard from the community that a small number of you have experienced hardware failures while playing New World, specifically with GeForce RTX cards. After a lengthy investigation, we have verified that there is no unusual behavior from New World that causes these issues. We are directing players with affected hardware to contact the manufacturer. EVGA has previously acknowledged 25 manufacturing issues on some GeForce RTX cards. New World is safe to play, and we want to get everyone back in Aeternum."

„Its Not Our Fault,” Claims Amazon in Reponse to GPU Problems in New World - picture #1
We still don't know what's burning the GPUs of New World players; Source: Amazon

In other words, "the problem is not with us, it's not our fault". We don't know how extensive the investigation has been, but the most likely version of events is that it's just an isolated incident of hardware failure. Unless, of course, there are other, this time mass, reports of the problem.

Michal Ciezadlik

Michal Ciezadlik

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