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News video games 10 October 2021, 19:58

author: Krzysztof Kaluzinski

New World Players Furious Over Server Transfer Option for Characters

Amazon Games misled the community of players focused around New World. Some of the users are considering abandoning the game or restarting it in another world.

  1. New World devs have promised the ability to transfer characters between servers regardless of the previously selected region;
  2. Amazon Game Studios announced on the game's official forum that previous assurances were incorrect;
  3. The transfer of created characters will be limited to the same region.

New World is breaking popularity records on Steam, and that's despite the ongoing issues with overcrowded worlds. Amazon Game Studios encouraged players to create characters on less crowded servers, while providing the option to change them in the future. Thus, users could join their friends when the infrastructure would allow for it. However, the developers went too far with their promises and now have to explain themselves.

It all started with a question asked at the end of September by one of the Twitter users, who was curious if the character transfer will take place regardless of the selected region. New World's official account confirmed this information, in theory giving a green light for such a future server change between, e.g. U.S. to Europe. The community quickly picked up on this. Many players stopped caring about the choice of region, not treating it as a final decision. The only thing that mattered was avoiding the huge queues.

Yesterday, Amazon Game Studios announced that the implementation of the ability to transfer characters between worlds has been delayed by a week. This is due to unexpected issues the team encountered. More importantly, the announcement mentions that character transfers will only be possible within the same region. Then, the devs created a thread on the New World forum, in which they admitted that the previous promise was wrong. Its fulfillment is not possible for technical reasons, because each region creates a separate structure.

The community felt cheated, as perfectly evidenced by the topic dedicated to the issue on Reddit. Players feel trapped on the wrong servers, complain about the time wasted progressing their characters and the inability to join up with friends who populate worlds in other regions. They are faced with a difficult decision: they can continue playing solo or start all over again and forget about their previous progression. Some of them also consider abandoning New World altogether.

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