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News video games 11 October 2021, 13:09

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

New World Players Report Each Other to Remove Rivals

New World players have found a new way to defeat their rivals from enemy companies. Instead of fighting them they report and hope for them being banned.

  • New World players started reporting each other for no reason;
  • In this way, they've been bringing bans on top players of rival companies;
  • Amazon Games' response to the problem is ambiguous.

Multiplayer games tend to be vulnerable to cheaters. In order to facilitate the process of removing cheaters from the game, developers often use an automatic ban mechanism. In order for a player to be banned from joining a game, it is enough that a sufficient number of people report him or her.

This solution speeds up the punishment of cheaters, but can also be easily abused. This is what affected some New World players, who received undeserved bans. It turned out that some companies began to report their opponents en masse.

Obviously, this is related to a strategy to increase the chances of winning a war between clans. Some players reported their rivals just before the conflict started. Thanks to this, the leaders and best members of the company were excluded from the actions, which turned out to be a severe blow to the entire group.

As you can see, this procedure became so common that reports about it began to appear in many places. Victims described their experiences both on the official forum of New World as well as on Reddit. We did not have to wait long for the devs to take the floor and comment on the matter.

New World Players Report Each Other to Remove Rivals - picture #1
Source: New World forum
New World Players Report Each Other to Remove Rivals - picture #2
Source: New World forum

The response from the members of Amazon Games studio is ambiguous. Some forum moderators started assuting that each report is checked personally by the staff responsible for this aspect of New World. Others, however, apologized to players for the problems and revealed that the game really does use an automatic ban system.

At the moment it is difficult to ascertain the source of this discrepancy in the statements of the moderators. However, it causes a lot of confusion in the community focused around the title. We can only hope that the problem will be solved and players will be able to focus on real, fair competition with the enemy companies.

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