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News video games 19 March 2022, 15:30

author: Patrick Kubiak

New World Roadmap for 2022 Revealed; New Areas, Expeditions, Weapons

New World players are in for a treat, as revealed by developers at Amazon Game Studios decided in a nearly hour-long video.

New weapons, expeditions and previously unseen areas - Amazon Game Studios revealed a content roadmap for New World in 2022.

Fll full of news in New World

The roadmap has been published in the form of a long, almost hour-long video on YouTube, in which members of the studio, sitting around a round table, reveal and explain what new features await us in the coming months.

The video mainly discusses the Heart of Madness update, which will debut later this month. It will introduce a new weapon - Blunderbuss - that scales with strength and intelligence attributes, as well as a new expedition, called Tempest Heart.

Tempest Heart will bring PvP arenas where players can engage in three-on-three duels, and expanded rewards for PvP mode triumphs. Smaller patches will be released over the summer, while the biggest changes will come with the fall, around the date of the first anniversary of Amazon's MMO release.

At that time, the map will be enriched with the Brimstone Sands region, and the obtainable inventory with the next weapon: The Greatsword. The fall update will add a new expedition, Ennead, and leaderboards, as well as two events - Nightvale Hallow and Turkulon 2022.

New World Problems

The upcoming updates, however, are not the solution to the current troubles of Amazon Game Studios' game, which has long been struggling with a decreasing number of players and instability of the economic system. New World community is calling on the developers for a greater merger of world servers, which would allow for maximization of the number of people present in the game within a single world.

It is also questionable to focus so much on expeditions, while PvP has been the title's greatest strength since its inception. Time will tell if, after the impressive launch (the largest in terms of concurrent players on Steam in 2021) and equally spectacular outflow of players, New World will find its own rhythm.

New World

New World

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