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News video games 16 November 2021, 13:19

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

New World's Battle to Save In-game Economy From Cheaters Rages On

New World encountered new problems. This time the game's economy was threatened, strained by players duping their items.

  • New World players have found a new way to dupe items;
  • This proved to be a threat to the game's economy;
  • Fortunately, the problem is monitored by the developers, who have banned the cheaters.

New World encountered further problems that negatively affected the player experience. This time, however, it's not about the possibility of becoming immortal or other small bugs. Last weekend the whole economic system was threatened. All because of a new way of duplicating items discovered by some users.

It turns out that players were able to duplicate even expensive items like trophies with a simple trick, which they then sold at a profit. This isn't the first time New World has faced this kind of problem. It's not hard to guess that this could have greatly affected the value of goods available on the virtual market. As a result, it would upset the existing balance and spoil the experience of many honest players who did not want to take part in the practice.

In time, the problem was noticed by the developers, who yesterday announced on the game's official forum that they were working on a solution. To prevent greater damage, the possibility of any exchange of assets between players was temporarily blocked. In addition, it was announced that any person who was involved in illegal duplication of items will face serious consequences.

Fortunately, such a radical solution did not last long. Today, another post was published, in which it was announced that the developers have dealt with the cheaters. Permanent bans have affected at least 1660 people who took advantage of the exploit. In addition, about 98% of dupes were removed from the market. Thanks to this it was possible to resume exchanges between the rest of the players.

The developers have also announced that they will try to respond faster to similar incidents in the future. They also intend to fix the faulty systems still present in the game. At the same time they said that they will continue to monitor transactions taking place on the virtual market in order to find any player who commits this type of fraud. It is likely that the exploit has not yet been eliminated. However, the decesive response of the developers should discourage most users who intended to exploit it.

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New World

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