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News video games 13 September 2021, 17:11

author: Qskan

New World After Beta - What Should be Improved According to Players

The three-day open beta of New World has ended. Players were mostly positive about the MMORPG from Amazon Games, but they also feel some gameplay aspects should be improved.

  1. The open beta of New World is over. On various forums, players list aspects of the game that still need improvement;
  2. Among these, exploits that allow for easy experience gains are often mentioned;
  3. It also cites, among other things, the inconveniences encountered by people who want to play together.

The open beta of New World has gone in a flash; from September 10 to September 13 we could test one of the most awaited releases of this fall. The players came in crowds - at the hottest moment, the MMORPG from Amazon Games was played simultaneously by over 141 thousand people on Steam (via SteamDB).

This does not mean, however, that the game is free of bugs and exploits. On various forums you can easily find posts about things that needs to be fixed before New World launches.

Experience farming exploit

The following example concerns an exploit, which, according to its finder can significantly affect the entire progression system. A player by the handle morostyle reports that the game enables us to easily farm experience and weapon skill levels. As he wrote in a post on New World's official forum, the situation looks as follows:

"Basicaly what is happening here is - u have X enemies whoís done 9 pvp quest to get some value on their body count. They met up, made a camp and start killing. The spawn timer adds 5 sec per deaths to a maximum of 1 minute cooldown.

So every minute, you can farm this exp / weapon mastery (no decay) - with the potential of even more, if u gather more people."

According to morostyle, this enables us to reach up to level 60 (highest possible) and gain twenty skill levels for any weapon. Below you can see a video demonstrating XP farming:

The problem seems to be the ability to get experience over and over again, as another forum user Namidaka writes:

"Iíve fought the same two guys over and over for 20 minutes. I managed to get 5-6 kills. They were legit kill but i got 1100 xp every time. Even though i did not know these guys I found it a little odd that i can farm xp on them. I donít know, maybe the fact that they managed to kill me 3-4 times reseted the amount of xp i could get of them?"

Loot thieves attack

A post in which user Rhohu complains about players stealing loot from monsters has gained a lot of popularity on Reddit. Specifically, it's a case where the player has to defeat a creature to get a skin from it. This situation is often exploited by clever players who want to get this item cheaply:

"I've played alot closed beta never had a problem with it but in the open beta people tried repeatedly to "steal" my prey if its a quest its really annoying.

I start to fight a creature for my quest also need to skin it so people run to me hit it 1-2 times (to get the kill) and try to skin it for their quest.

A short timer before it is free to loot for everyone would be great."

Among the proposed ways out of this situation, the most common is a "cooldown" of 5-10 seconds in which only the "rightful" monster killer can pick up the loot. Players in forum posts also propose a solution in which the loot would be given to anyone who would deal enough damage to the monster.

We play together, but separately

Another subject of complaint is the lack of possibility to start in a group, which is complained about by another Reddit user - Dreadriot16 - and his opinion was supported by almost 1.5 thousand other users of this forum. In a post bluntly titled "Starting this game with friends SUCKS.", he addresses his complaints about the random spawn at the beginning, far away from the person he wants to play with:

"I'm fairly shocked at how dumb the decision is to just have players spawn in random areas across the map and not allow you to start with friends or family.

My wife and I were excited to try this game until we made characters and loaded in only to be literally on the opposite side of the map from her.

We tried running to each other but died along the way and kept getting reset to our starting area. We both stopped playing after an hour of trying.

Please rethink this stupid design.

Edit: Just to add context I deleted and remade my character 4 times, all 4 times I started in the same location.

Once I began making the trip I was attacked by some level 18 monsters and was sent all the way back to my starting area.

MMO's fundamental idea is that you are supposed to play with friends and play together. There's absolutely no reason or justification for this design."

That's not the only problem with playing "together but separately". Another inconvenience is supposed to be the lack of support for group quests:

Yeah and not being able to share quests or do the same quests? It's an MMO and some of the designs are just asinine," writes Reddit user RPGsAreAwesome.

Will the developers from Amazon Games manage to deal with the problems and meet the demands of players? We can't be certain of that. However, we know that the release date has not changed - the launch of the full version of New World is planned for September 28.

New World

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