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News Files and Mods 04 September 2021, 19:38

author: Adrian Werner

SWAT 4: Elite Force - New Version of the Game's Most Important Mod

Version 7.1 of Elite Force, the most important mod for the tactical shooter SWAT 4, has been released. It brings a lot of fixes, as well as begins the process of interesting changes to make it harder to recognize which characters on the maps are a threat.

We finally got a new version of SWAT: Elite Force, the most important mod for SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate. It is numbered 7.1 and is the first update of the project in over a year.

Version 7.1 brings a lot of changes, e.g. it fixes many bugs, both those from the mod and the game itself. Cases of mod crashing were significantly reduced and weapons customization options expanded. In addition, many models and textures were improved, the AI of both criminals and police officers has been enhanced.

The new version also begins the promising process of changes in the classification of characters on maps. Previously, when we saw a civilian, SWAT team members would announce that he was unarmed, and when they spotted a criminal, they referred to him as a suspect. After the installation of update 7.1, this has changed. A criminal must have a weapon in their hands to be considered a suspect. Otherwise, he will only be marked as unarmed. In the future, we can expect further development of this aspect of gameplay. The aim of the mod's creators is to make it harder to recognize at first glance who is a threat and who is not, thus increasing the realism of the gameplay and making it more unpredictable.

Further development of the mod is good news. Despite being fifteen years old SWAT 4 remains the most important game in its category, but it is far from perfect. Elite Force is so valuable because it not only fixes the most serious problems of the title but also restores much of the content that was cut. The mod significantly improves the AI and introduces a greater variety of characters. It also expands the command system and adds new elements.

The mod fixes the game so effectively that it has become the foundation on which a large part of the modding community now builds its SWAT 4 projects. The enhancements of Elite Force are used by such mods as SEF First Responders or Back to Los Angeles, among others.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the main creator of Elite Force has been working on a commercial game in the style of SWAT 4, titled Ready or Not.

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