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News video games 19 November 2023, 13:42

author: Marcin Przala

Nintendo is 'Pradise for Geniuses' but 'Hell for Average Persons'

According to a former Nintendo employee, the Japanese giant is supposed to be a workplace made for geniuses, which is not the best way for average employees to enjoy their tasks.

Source: Nintendo.

Nintendo delivers games to the market with commendable regularity and high quality, which find recognition among both gamers and critics. Often these productions are distinguished by original mechanics.

What is the source of the extraordinary creativity of the titles created by the Kyoto-based giant? Probably the fact that the Japanese company is said to be full of "geniuses and superhumans." At least, that's according to former Nintendo employee Koichi Miura.

Miura worked at that corporation from 2019 to 2023, helping to develop video games. He talked about his time spent at Nintendoon his Twitter profile/X (translation via Eurogamer).

At the outset he indicated that Nintendo is a great company, however, he would not readily recommend it to others as a place of permanent employment. Miura described the company as a 'paradise for geniuses,' adding that, on the other hand, the job was 'hell for average persons' - counting himself among the latter.

After a while, he realized that in the long run this was not the environment for him. Fortunately, he does not consider the period spent at the company as completely unsuccessful, as the experience he gained at Nintendo helped him gain self-confidence, which turned out, he says, to be crucial for his future career.

The former employee of the Kyoto-based giant is now a freelance graphics designer, who also works on the YouTube platform.

Miura, in an interview with Encount, in which the above words were also said, stressed that he does not harbor any ill feelings toward Nintendo. It's just that constantly working in an environment of extremely talented people who have new ideas all the time, proved not to be for him in the long run.

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