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News video games 15 May 2023, 14:55

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

Bomber in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Other Manifestations of Player Creativity

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom stimulates player creativity. Some of the creations are truly intriguing and original. Fans are not limiting themselves to creating interesting weapons - they also put up buildings to facilitate gameplay.

New installment of Zelda had its premiere a few days ago and delighted not only journalists. The web is full of materials showing the works of creative Tears of the Kingdom players. Fans loved Link's new ability to connect items together.

From bombers to a butter shield

Creating new objects is an important mechanic in Tears of the Kingdom - so you can not only make it easier to travel around Hyrule, but also to fight enemies. One player put together in a short video the "evolution" of vehicles (available below) - Link drives a medieval wagon at a low level, and over time steers increasingly powerful tanks and even a bomber.

Another player, instead of combining fans with planks and creating a raft (such a structure was shown before the release on the trailers of Tears of the Kingdom) built a practical boat with automatic oars, which uses less energy.

Fans are also taking a creative approach to crossing chasms, such as by combining a cart with a disc and riding on it. A more tedious but still interesting crossing option is to build long bridges, which often look as if they are about to collapse any minute.

For some players, an artistic feat is building weapons that resemble male genitals. Another work of art, which was also not seriously created, is the shield with goat butter.

The immense popularity of Tears of the Kingdom

Follow-up to Breath of the Wild not only collects great ratings, but also attracts a ton of players. The boxed version of Tears of the Kingdom is the biggest launch of this year in terms of sales in the UK - taking into account the first week after its release, the game sold 2.7 times better than BotW and more than 50% better than Hogwarts Legacy (taking into account only the boxed versions). This is the second biggest UK launch in Nintendo's history in terms of revenue.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom debuted on May 12 and is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch console.

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