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News guides 19 January 2024, 08:15

author: Damian Gacek

OCE Servers in Palworld Explained

Do you look for OCE servers in Palworld? Let’s talk about them.

Source: Palworld, developer: Pocketpair

Palworld is climbing the popularity ladder, and it seems that it can’t stop. Hundreds of thousands of players test it at this moment. Of course, many of them would like to play in multiplayer mode, with friends or other players. Among them are gamers from Oceania. Sadly, there are no OCE servers at the moment.

OCE Servers in Palworld Explained

While it may sadden thousands of players, it seems that developers did not prepare OCE servers on launch. There are NA, SA, China, Asia and EU servers, but no OCE. What is even worse, Pocketpair did not announce plans to create them.

At this point, fans from Oceania can either accept higher ping on different servers or create dedicated servers themselves. It is not ideal, but at the moment there is nothing more to do.

Of course, it may be a good idea to inform developers on official X / Twitter account or Discord channel that there is a need for such servers. If they will see the high demand, it is vey likely that they will be created at some point.

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Damian Gacek

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