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News video games 20 May 2022, 13:30

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Old World vs. Civilization 6 - Comparison in Screenshots and Video

Old World debuted yesterday on Steam. The game should appeal to Civilization fans, because both productions have a lot in common.

  • Old World debuted on Steam yesterday;
  • The game shares many similarities with the Civilization series;
  • Screenshots and videos from both games show clear inspirations.

Yesterday saw the release of debuted . Old World, a turn-based strategy game from Mohawk Games, on Steam. The game's main designer is Soren Johnson, who played an important role in the creation of Civilization 4.

It should come as no surprise, then, that his latest work shares many similarities with Sid Meier's series. The numerous similarities are well presented in a video created by the host of the SergiuHellDragoonHQ channel.

A clear cousin to Civilization

"The above video is from 2020, but remains relevant. The game was previously available only on Epic Games Store. Now it has debuted on Steam and I had a chance to get to know it again. After a few hours of gameplay I can personally confirm that the game has not undergone any major changes since then."

The affinity between Old World and Civilization can be seen with the naked eye. When starting the game, we find ourselves in a familiar-looking world divided into hexes. On the map we can find various fields, resources and rivers crossing the area.

In both games we move our units in a turn-based system. In Old World our movements depend not only on the potential of the troops, but also on the statistics of the ruler. The mechanics is a bit more complicated than in Sid Meier's series.

Both games also enable us to found numerous cities and build wonders. Just like in Civilization 6 the special buildings in Mohawk Games' title are placed on specific fields on the map, and not in the cities themselves.

In both Old World and Civilization, researching new technologies is an important part of the game. The trees representing new inventions, ideas and policies look similar in both titles.

The maps in both games look familiar.

The technology trees are also similar.

Also the city management panels in both games are close to each other.

More than just similarities

Despite this, both games can also boast a large number of differences. Old World relies, among others, on elements known from Crusader Kings. An important aspect here is managing our family and taking care of its continuity.

In Mohawk Games' title we will also take part in random events. They take place regularly and affect the functioning of our country. At the same time they depend on the statistics and actions of the ruler.

Overall, the game evokes clear associations, but is never a simple copy of the popular Civilization. Even players who have spent hundreds of hours in each installment of the series can find something new in Old World, which will arouse their interest.

Old World

Old World

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