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News video games 23 October 2023, 00:29

author: Jacob Blazewicz

One Visual Element in AC: Mirage Draws Bulk of Criticism [Update: Patch Announced]

Assassin's Creed Mirage annoys the players most not with the story or even the gameplay, but with a single graphics option that, instead of enhancing realism, gets in the way during gameplay.

Source: Ubisoft.

Update #3

Ubisoft has provided new infoon the subject of chromatic aberration in AC Mirage. As we read on the official Assassin's Creed Discord (per PCGamesn):

"With theupdate coming at the end of the month [October - ed.], chromatic aberration will be disabled by default on all platforms, but you will have the option to enable/disable this feature in the menu."

Update #2

An unofficial solution to the problem is now available. On NexusMods you will find a modification, which removes chromatic aberration from AC Mirage. To use it, you need to:

  1. install Cheat Engine 7.5 or newer;
  2. start the game and load the save file;
  3. open the cheats table in Cheat Engine;
  4. select ACMirage.exe;
  5. click the box next to "Disable chromatic aberration only".

Update #1

Complaints about chromatic aberration in AC Mirage have reached Ubisoft. On the company's official Discord channel user Ubi-Kobold, a member of the Ubisoft Support Team, created a new task to complete. His description reads: "Players would like to get the option to enable/disable chromatic aberration." Of course, this does not mean that such an option will appear in the game, but the chances of this have significantly increased.

We describe the details of the matter in the original post. We have also included a video showing what's involved. Below, on the other hand, you can see what AC Mirage would look like with chromatic aberration disabled (after the Digital Dreams channel):

Original post (October 6)

A return to 'good old Assassin's Creed' was not particularly successful. Especially since among the typical problems pointed out by reviewers, gamers add complaints about the chromatic aberration effect, which does not look too good in AC Mirage (to put it mildly).

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The feature is intended to replicate an actual feature of the lens of the human eye or camera, which - in the nutshell - makes us see darker objects with a frame, so to speak. In other words, it's supposed to increase the visual realism and thus immersion.

The trouble is that chromatic aberration in Assassin's Creed Mirage looks terrible. Objects in the game have blurred edges, which quickly causes eye fatigue and can even distract. This is especially noticeable if you play close to the screen.

Complaints about this element are common enough (via threads on Reddit) that gamers are asking en masse for a way to disable this option. In their opinion, not only does it not add value, but actually spoils the gaming experience.

Unfortunately, at this point in the game there is no option to disable or even adjust chromatic aberration. What's more, even after digging through the files of the PC release, players haven't found a way to deal with the problem completely, although they have at least managed to reduce the excessive blurring effect on objects (via threads on Reddit).

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