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News guides 05 February 2024, 07:38

author: Agnes Adamus

Palworld - Max Number of Pals Working at Base Explained

Are you expanding your base in Palworld? From this guide you will know what the maximum number of Pal you can have in one base is.

Source: Palworld, developer: Pocketpair

Palworld is a survival game with unique mechanic – you can catch animals called Pals to fight by your side or work at the base. Unfortunately, this has some restrictions and you can only have a limited number of Pals per outpost. From this guide you will learn what is the limit of companions.

Max Number of Pals Working at Base in Palworld Explained

In Palworld you create your own world and customize many aspects of gameplay (for example damage multiplier). One of the elements that you can change is the maximum number of Pals living in one base. The highest value you can set is 20. However, players have pointed out that some promotional graphics show more than 20 Pals. This creates confusion among people.

It is also important to mention that some players report a bug, which makes it impossible to place 20 Pals in the base. Instead, the maximum creature value has been locked at number 15.

Palworld Interactive Map

We have prepared an Interactive map which is constantly being improved. Visit it often to see changes.

If you are interested in where to set up your base, you can find it out in our guide. We have created an interactive map with all suitable locations.

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