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News video games 23 January 2024, 04:19

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Palworld Third Most Popular Game Ever on Steam. Original Pokemon Already Added to Game as Mods [Update: Fan Concerns, Mod's Teaser Deleted]

Palworld is shattering records of many a Steam hit. Meanwhile, a project that many players have been waiting for has emerged: a mod that adds original Pokémon to the game.

Source: ToastedShoes / Pocketpair.

Update: fans' concerns and deleted video

Palworld fans report difficulties related to mods that add Pokemon to the game. Reddit users claim that NexusMods removes this type of mods. However, one of the admins of the Discord channel Palworld Modding stated outright that there's a ban on posting links to this mod or its files on the server (memes and discussion allowed).

As we read in the announcement, the mod prepared by ToastedShoes poses a huge risk to players. The modder probably used models directly taken from Pokemon, making it "highly illegal" from Nintendo's perspective. The channel's modders choose not to take the chance of angering The Pokemon Company's lawyers.

Their reaction is by no means overblown. Yesterday's ToastedShoes mod teaser was removed from X due to copyright infringement. Not that it's a surprise to anyone, but internet users have already offered their condolences to the moderator.

Original news

The controversy surrounding Palworld continues, but that doesn't stop these "not-at-all- Pokémon" from conquering Steam. It will probably surprise no one that players have already prepared a mod that directly replaces the Palworld creatures with popular Nintendo Pokemon.

It was clear well before the early access release of Palworld that players would bring Pikachu and other characters to the Pocketpair's game. It's true that players currently don't have access to the Steam Workshop (the developers have confirmed plans to add support for this feature), but this hasn't hindered modders who have already begun uploading their creations to Nexusmods.

For now, the majority of modifications are game improvements, as is typical for the first mods. However, it seems that a certain internet user has already arranged transportation for the original Pokémon to the new world of PC. ToastedShoes, an Australian YouTuber and modder, has released a brief teaser of his upcoming video showcasing Pokemon in Palworld (via X).

The full material will be published tomorrow, but the mod itself will probably not be widely available. ToastedShoes has created many wild mods, but he only shares them with people who support him on Patreon. However, he will likely soon have imitators, although the quality of the "fakes" will often be a matter of debate.

On a side note: Palworld has once again broken its own activity record - today, at its peak, over 1.5 million players were playing the game at the same time. Therefore, the Pocketpair studio's game achieved the third highest result in Steam's history. Only two other games attracted more people: PUBG and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (including the beta and the premiere of CS 2, via SteamDB).

It's not surprising, as the game continues to hold the top spot on both the bestseller list and the list of most popular games on Steam.

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Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

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