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News video games 12 February 2019, 14:19

author: Adrian Werner

Peter Molyneux is Working on New Game - Legacy

Peter Molyneux, the iconic game developer of Populous and Black & White fame is working on Legacy, an economic strategy game, in which we will play as a company owner.

Peter Molyneux is Working on New Game - Legacy - picture #1
Legacy is inspired by Peter Molyneux's first game.
  1. Developer: 22cans
  2. Publisher: 22cans
  3. Genre: strategy
  4. Platforms: PC, mobile

Peter Molyneux returns to his roots. We have just learned the first details of the new project of his 22cans studio. It is an economic strategy game Legacyin which we will play the role of an inventor trying to create his own business empire. The game is coming to PC and mobile devices and for now the developer is not ready to give us a release date.

The game builds on the ideas from The Entrepreneur, a text-based economic strategy from 1984, which was the first game developed by Peter Molyneux. In Legacy We will start as an inventor who will combine various parts in his workshop in order to create new items. This aspect of gameplay will offer a lot of creative freedom. Players will be able to construct, among others, toys, buildings, tools or electric equipment.

If our inventions are noteworthy, they will quickly start to sell and the gameplay will be enriched with classic company management elements. It will be necessary to hire employees, acquire large quantities of raw materials, build factories and balance the budget.

Legacy will force players to make tough decisions because being a good employer will not make it easier for us to reach the top of the business world. In order to achieve success, it will sometimes be necessary to put aside morality.

It is worth mentioning that although the creators are currently focusing on PCs and mobile platforms, they do not discard the possibility that in the future they will also port Legacy to consoles.

  1. 22cans official website


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