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News guides 06 March 2023, 17:50

author: Damian Gacek

Phantom Brigade Beginner's Guide - Tips and Tricks

In this guide we will tell you few tips and tricks to the game Phantom Brigade. If you start your adventure, read our article.

1.0 version of Phantom Brigade was released this week. It is a turned-based strategy with mechs. Your task is to lead your squad to victory over the stronger opponent. However to do that, you need to master the mechanics. That is why we will help you with it. In this guide we present some tips and tricks.

Phantom Brigade – Tips and Tricks

  1. Take cover – make your mechs hide as much as possible and remember that many objects can be destroyed. What is more, check if units are not targeted by opponents.
  2. Run and shoot – remember that you can do those actions in the same time. It is a good idea to change position often – to get a better view of the enemy.
  3. Recruit more mechs – this is covered in the separate article.
Phantom Brigade Beginners Guide - Tips and Tricks - picture #1
  1. Loot carefully – at the end of the battle you are able to choose what you want to do with loot – you can take it, scrap it or abandon it. It costs Budget breakdown. So you need to watch out what you pick. However there is a very helpful tool. If you hover the mouse over the item, you can check if it is better than your equipment. There is a symbol next to the item’s name.
  2. Check opponents’ status – if you click an adversary, you will be able to see their movements in details. What is more, if you hover over them, you will see their status. It is very helpful to plan battles. For example if you see that the pilot is going to eject, you may leave it alone and concentrate on different targets.
  3. Missiles are OP – right now this is the most powerful weapon. However developers decided to make it less mighty in the next updates, so in the future this point may not be accurate.
Phantom Brigade Beginners Guide - Tips and Tricks - picture #2
  1. Avoid overheat – it is an unwanted status because it damages your mechs. You can avoid it by shooting less and with greater pauses between attacks. You can see if your unit will overheat by shaded area on the timeline. It is a good idea to upgrade your mechs with cooling focused subsystems.
  2. You can destroy buildings – remember that if your weapon has a good Impact stat, you might destroy the enemy’s cover.
  3. Watch out for turrets and generators – you can read about them in the separate article (here).
  4. Repair mechs between fights – we described how to do that in this guide.

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Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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Phantom Brigade

Phantom Brigade