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News guides 06 March 2023, 16:24

author: Damian Gacek

Phantom Brigade - Turrets Explained; How to Find Generator

In this guide we talk about turrets and generators in Phantom Brigade. You will learn how to deal with them.

Phantom Brigade is a title for all fans of mechs. It is a tactical strategy game. As a captain of the titular Phantom Brigade, your task it to retake your homeland. The situation is difficult, there are many enemies and a lot to do. However, your mechs are special – they can see hostile movements 5 seconds into the future. It is your only hope and you have to use it wisely.

Phantom Brigade – Turrets

Phantom Brigade - Turrets Explained; How to Find Generator - picture #1

While doing some missions, you will encounter turrets. They are stationary guns, which assist enemies. They scan the surrounding, and attack anything in their field of view. You can check what their successful fire range is. Click them, and hover over their attack symbol.

It is important to remember that destroying them is not necessary to finish missions. You can concentrate on attacking enemy troops and stay out of turrets’ range.

Phantom Brigade – Generators

Phantom Brigade - Turrets Explained; How to Find Generator - picture #2

The generator is a building, which gives power to turrets. If you destroy it, they will stop shooting. However, the structure does not stand out enough. Very often you have to search for it a little. You should look for the building with two blue lights at the top (screen above).

For now it appears that the generator is only in some missions. If this building is on the map, it is clearly stated in the objectives. Remember that. It is possible that the developers will add this structure to more maps. Nevertheless, it will be probably connected with the wider fire range of turrets.

Phantom Brigade - Turrets Explained; How to Find Generator - picture #3

It is important to notice, that the generator must be destroyed completely. To do that you should have weapons which inflict considerable Impact damage like missiles or laser beams. Look above, this building is still functional, however, it is clearly very damaged.

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Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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Phantom Brigade

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