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News hardware & software 08 February 2021, 22:53

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Sony Announces PS5 Launch in China Despite Shortages

Sony has confirmed the launch date of PlayStation 5 in China. It looks like gamers there (and elsewhere) will have to be patient.

The launch of PlayStation 5 is behind us, but some gamers are still waiting for the debut of Sony's new console on their local market. Only recently the platform has reached buyers in Indonesia and India. Even longer wait is in store for the citizens of another Asian country. As reported by Daniel Ahmad (analyst at Niko Partners Group), Sony has confirmed the official launch of PS5 in China in the second quarter of 2021. The company's local division shared a video to celebrate Chinese New Year, in which CEO Tatsuo Eguchi and VP Soeda Takehito revealed the console's release date.

According to Ahmad, the console was approved for release back in December (as was the Xbox Series X/S), and preparations are currently underway to get the software approved for release (which requires Beijing to approve each game individually). This may be why the device's launch date is so late, although it's possible that supply issues are a more important reason. PlayStation 5 still remains an almost inaccessible commodity, in part due to numerous scalpers, but problems with production, affecting the entire gaming industry are also not without fault. Admittedly, the PS5 is doing very well either way, but that's little consolation for gamers still waiting (not necessarily patiently) for new shipments of the new PlayStation.

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