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News video games 16 January 2023, 22:15

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Sony Rumored to Plan Response to Microsoft's Game Show

„Soon” we can look forward to a PlayStation game show, which will include titles from third-party teams.

The confusion surrounding the Activision acquisition seems to have rekindled the rivalry between Sony and Microsoft. Barely a week ago, the Xbox and Bethesda teams announced a digital presentation (for January 25), and today we learned that the PlayStation brand may host its own game show featuring third-party developers.

The matter was reported by The Snitch. This well-known whistleblower partially stepped down from the leak "business" a few months ago (after the disclosure of the reboot of the Alone in the Dark series), but still has some contacts in the industry. In a message on his Discord server (via Insider Gaming), The Snitch cited a "verified source" according to whom "soon" we will see a presentation from the PlayStation brand, at which "things from third-party studios" will be announced.

Sony Rumored to Plan Response to Microsofts Game Show - picture #1
Source: Insider Gaming.

The informant didn't reveal anything more, but this short news was enough to spark a wave of speculation. Many Internet users are betting that, in the end, the rumors about the return of the Metal Gear series may be true. Others delude themselves that Sony is preparing something for PC owners, such as a port of one of FromSoftware studio's items (notably Bloodborne). Completely new brands are also discussed.

What of this we will see at the alleged Sony show and whether it will take place at all, we will find out "soon".

Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

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