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News guides 08 April 2024, 04:25

author: Olga Fiszer

POE - Necropolis Crafting Explained

Here’s everything you need to know about new Necropolis crafting system in Path of Exile. Check out how to create unique items and how to combine modifiers.

Source: Path of Exile; developer: Grinding Gear Games

Necropolis League was introduced in the March expansion of Path of Exile. Along it, developers introduced some new gameplay elements. Among many novelties, now you can help Undertaker Arimor in laying the spirits of the Eternal Empire to rest. At the same time, it is a chance to experiment with their souls to form legendary equipment. This Necropolis Crafting Guide will help you master new mechanic and create powerful items.

Necropolis League Mechanic

The Necropolis is a league mechanic in Path of Exile, where you harness spirits hunting monsters and collect their corpses to use them in the Necropolis Graveyard for crafting purposes.

At the beginning of each map, you have to match spirits to the enemies. These “ghosts” grant their hosts modifiers, so adjust the difficulty properly, as some combinations can create unstoppable monsters. This mechanic is not optional, so be careful.

Lantern of Arimor

As you step into a new zone during the Necropolis League, UI window with Lantern of Arimor will pop up, showing you every monster that can appear with a list of Haunted Spirits and their modifiers. Each modifier has multiple tiers, with the higher tiers being more powerful but rewarding better loot. Once the Lantern UI is closed, the map will open.

Occasionally, instead of Haunted Spirits, the Lantern UI shows Devoted Spirits that offer beneficial effects like increased item quantity or rarity and granting more EXP.

Defeating haunted monsters increases the likelihood of Devoted Spirits appearing in the Lantern in future zones. This amplifies with higher-tier modifiers.

Necropolis Graveyard and Morgue

The Graveyard in Necropolis League contains multiple graves where you can bury corpses you’ve collected from monster with Unresolved Anguish modifier and use them in new crafting system. Bodies are stored in Morgue that has a cap of 64 Filled Coffins. If your Morgue is full, you can either destroy unwanted corpses or itemize them for trading with other players. This makes farming valuable remains a chance for a nice profit.

Necropolis Grave Crafting Guide

Each torment corpse offers a unique crafting modifier for forging legendary equipment. As you strategically lay these fallen foes to rest by burying them into adjacent graves, their modifiers combine into pool of every crafting modifier. Thousands of crafting combinations are available in the game. Remember, you can always dig out a corpse from a grave if you want to choose another with a different modifier. Once removed, the body will perish, though.

When you’re ready to craft your item, access the Tome of Arimor that displays the combined total of all the modifiers from buried corpses that will enhance your crafting item. Additionally, it shows the level of the object and enables you to choose the specific category of item you want to create.

The Necropolis introduces “Modifier Tier Rating”, a new way to influence item crafting. This rating boosts the chances of rolling higher tiers for specific affix categories on your gear. While it doesn’t guarantee specific affixes, it helps you target desired rolls more effectively. For even greater control, combine this with modifiers that increase the chance of rolling the desired affix category. This rating can even be used to reduce unwanted affixes appearing on your gear.

When crafting items in Graveyard, you can choose the item category (weapon, armour, etc.), but the specific base type (e.g. sword, chestplate) remains a surprise. Rely on corpse modifiers to potentially influence higher tiers or desired defenses. However, some modifiers guarantee unique bases like Stygian Vises, or Experimented.

This crafting has also its own type of “meta mods” that synergize with specific corpse placements, monster types, or even the names of the buried. Careful planning becomes paramount. Strategically arrange your fallen foes to maximize the impact of these mods.

The Necropolis lets you create items with special “fractured“ modifiers. The more you stack a certain crafting modifier, the more likely your item will have these fractures. Fractured modifiers are powerful and unpredictable, potentially making your gear incredibly strong. You can even have multiple fractured mods on a single item.

Check out a video by Milkybk, where he talks about the new crafting system and how to craft and mirror multiple items.

Crafting Unique Items in Necropolis

Necropolis offers a variety of unique items crafted through Exorcism. To create them, you’ll need a complete set of corpses haunted by specific named characters, forming a whole lineage. Some of theses unique items come in variant forms with varying modifiers. The modifiers on these items can be influenced by the additional corpses you bury before the crafting process.

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