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News video games 28 April 2019, 23:14

author: Konrad Serafinski

Rainbow Six Siege Will Reward Players for Finding Bugs

Rainbow Six: Siege players will have the chance to receive rewards for finding bugs in the game. All thanks to the Bug Hunter Program - Ubisoft's new initiative. What's more, the game's devs are probably thinking about introducing a story mode to the game.

Rainbow Six Siege Will Reward Players for Finding Bugs - picture #1
Notify the devs of anybugs, you will be rewarded.

Ubisoft has launched the Bug Hunter Program, an action to help fix bugs in Rainbow Six: Siege. What is more, it is an initiative aimed at players and assumes their active participation in finding problems. Everything seems childishly simple. If you are playing on a test server and find a bug, please let the developers know via R6Fix, the Rainbow Six: Siege bug reporting center. Ubisoft employees will check the report and try to fix the error. If they succeed, your contribution will be appreciated and you will receive a unique gadget as a reward. Currently, for 3 reported bugs, you can get an amulet (a cosmetic item in the game).

Each reported problem must also be properly documented (screenshot or gameplay footage). You should also remember that only the user who was the first to find the error will be rewarded. Repeated entries will not be respected or rewarded. Devs will introduce new thresholds and you will receive more prizes when you reach them. Ubisoft also warns that all bugs reported before the launch of the Bug Hunter Program (i.e. until April 25, 2019) will not be counted. Answers to all questions can be found in the FAQ section.

It is worth mentioning that Ubisoft sent out a survey to Rainbow Six: Siege players, asking them about their expectations for the future of the game. According to the survey, published on Reddit, the devs are considering the introduction of a story campaign to the title, as well as the possibility of exploring open-world features. Naturally, the appearance of these "selectable options" does not mean that we will see them in the game. It is also possible that Ubisoft is testing the waters before a possible continuation of the cycle. Anyway, implementing a story for a single player would be an interesting addition.

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