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News video games 24 June 2022, 13:39

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Riot Temporarily Removes Well-liked Event From LoL

Essence Emporium will disappear from LoL for a while. Players don't have a good feeling about this, with the preconception that the event will return in a not-quite-free form.

In the latest patch 12.12 for League of Legends developers have announced that the upcoming Emporium of Essence event on June 28 is the last one before an extended hiatus. Riot Games wants to rework the sale, which is causing concern among players.

What is Essence Emporium?

This is a special sale taking place in League of Legends twice a year. During it, players can use Blue Essences (BE) to buy things that are normally only available for RP. These include chromas, icons, totem skins, and emotes.

Riot wants to remake the sale

As we can read in the description of patch 12.12, the current form of Essence Emporium is "not very effective", which affects other projects of the studio. The developers want to improve the event navigation and make it more usable.

It is emphasized that the event will return, Riot is not removing it permanently, although spending the accumulated Blue Essence now is a good idea. To compensate for the break, which will begin on July 12, the developers have created a sequence of three missions, for which you will receive a total of 30 Mythic Essences.

A suspicious issue

In the face of such an announcement, the community has begun to speculate both about how long Essence Emporium will be gone for, and what Riot Games' planned fixes will change.

LoL players are concerned that the new event format may be somehow monetized or tied to Game Pass as part of the partnership that Riot recently formed with Xbox.

My bet is that it will go on a "hiatus" for about 1.5 year and then come back in a monetized form for example it gets tied to gamepass (not to be mistaken with battle pass) and only players with gamepass can see it or only they can buy the chromas now," wrote Cumcentrate3490.

There are also those who, despite Riot Games' assurance, believe that Essence Emporium will not return to LoL.

To wrap this up, I want to say, in my opinion, this is the last blue essence emporium we will see. Any reasoning is an attempt to gently cut a loved feature by letting it slowly turn to dust. And any hope that it will come back is cope. It will not come backm" wrote BetaTink.

If you have no idea what something is about, then it is about money

Players point out that the chromas available for BE are not profitable for Riot Games. So the community, despite not having a clue about what the rework will actually look like, assumes in advance that it will not be player-friendly.

Of course all statements in this topic are purely speculative. Nevertheless, the moods are negative. Players are fed up with the changes aimed only at increasing the monetization potential in LoL,

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