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News video games 07 April 2022, 14:23

author: Milosz Szubert

Rust Will Get Railroads and Zip Lines; Trains Inbound

Today Rust will receive another update. It will introduce, among other things, zip lines, which should make traveling around the map much easier.

Earlier this year, Facepunch announced very ambitious plans. They have set a goal of releasing monthly updates to their hit survival game Rust. So far, the developers are fulfilling this promise. Today, they will release the April patch. It will introduce several interesting new features to the game (via GameSpot).

Zip lines

Firstly, today's patch for Rust will add zip lines. You'll be able to use them on existing lines and electrical towers, which appear on procedurally generated maps. It's enough to climb up on special platforms and from there we'll be able to quickly and comfortably travel to other such structures or nearby monuments. Nothing will also stand in the way to drop to the ground at any time using the jump button.

During this type of travel you will need to be careful. A collision with a tree, a vehicle or another player will lead to a painful fall.

Facepunch assures that they will improve the zip line system in the future. Connection networks will be even more developed, and there is also a promise that players will be able to create their own routes.

Rust Will Get Railroads and Zip Lines; Trains Inbound - picture #1
With the help of zip lines you will be able to move between utility poles.


Secondly, with today's update Rust will gain railroad tracks. These are the first part of larger plans to create entire procedurally generated rail networks on maps of 4250 or larger. For now, the rails should appear as single lines crossing an island. The developers ask that any possible bugs related to them be reported.

Trains will also be added to the game in the near future. No more details were provided, but their appearance will certainly be another element making traveling around the map much easier.

Other attractions

In addition, the latest update is expected to slightly improve the lighting, thanks to which landmarks such as the lighthouse or the fishing village should gain in beauty. Additionally, the developers have announced continued testing of the Steam Networking feature, which is expected to improve network connection performance. However, any additional details about the patch are expected to appear only at the time of its release (via PCGamesN).

Let us remind you that Rust is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

  1. Rust - official website

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