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News video games 08 September 2023, 16:18

author: Jan Kopacz

Rust's New Update Will Make The Air Much More Busy

Rust, one of the best survival games in recent years, has received a September update. New features include a combat helicopter and parachutes.

Source: Facepunch Studios

Survival game Rust has received a major update. Traditionally, players can expect a number of interesting new features.

  1. Combat helicopter - the most important novelty is the ability to purchase a combat helicopter from the Air Wolf store in the bandit camp. The helicopter has a special place for a gunner, who can operate a gun and a rocket launcher. Flares, which are another novelty in Rust, can be used by the gunner to protect the craft from rockets.
  2. Another new feature is a personal AA-missile launcher (so-called MANPADS), allowing for more effective combat against aerial targets.
  3. Parachutes have also been added. Players can use weapons while hanging under the silk, but this comes at the price of not being able to control the parachute.
  4. With the update, the hot air balloon can now be upgraded by adding armor.
  5. The game now enables us to peek at players' bases from a distance of up to 1,500 meters (before, the limit was 300 meters). This is possible thanks to a new, more efficient rendering system. This is crucial, especially during flights - before, we often couldn't see, for example, missiles in an enemy base until we were in their range.
  6. A set of weapon racks is now available in the item store.
  7. The devs also announced that with the release of the update they have ended support for Windows 8.1. The game runs on this system, but the devs warn that various problems may soon arise with it.
  1. Rust on Steam
  2. Rust - official website


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