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News video games 20 November 2022, 14:14

author: Adrian Werner

Saints Row's Flop Brings Volition Under Gearbox's Supervision

Saints Row turned out to be such a disappointment that Embracer decided to transfer Volition to the care of the Gearbox group.

This year's Saints Row, a reboot of the once popular series, must have turned out to be quite a disappointment for the publisher, because its developer Volition was transferred under the control of the Gearbox group.

  1. Until now, Volition has reported to Plaion (formerly Koch Media). Both it and Gearbox are owned by the Embracer Group. This is the first such transfer within that group.
  2. Lars Wingefors, i.e. Embracer's CEO, admitted that Saints Row did not fully meet the company's expectations and disappointed many fans of the series. Recall that the game collected poor reviews (it has an average rating of 63% on on OpenCritic).
  3. Wingefors, however, assures that at least in terms of financial aspects Saints Row has performed as planned.
  4. It should be added that the transfer of Volition to another operating group does not mean the dissolution of this studio. Gearbox, itself a developer, is simply expected to be able to provide more support to subordinate teams. Saints Row showed that Volition definitely needs that help.
  5. Such a change need not result in Volition losing its identity. Gearbox also supervised, among others, Blackbird Interactive, the studio-known for the Homeworld series and Hardspace: Shipbreaker, which continues to create unique games.

Lars Wingefors assures that Volition continues to work hard to improve Saints Row. The game has just received a major patch, which introduces more than 200 improvements on issues such as combat, open-world activities, car customization, interface, co-op mode and engine stability. More updates are on the way

Recall that the new Saints Row launched on August 23, 2022, on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The PC version is available exclusively on Epic Games Store at this point.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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