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News video games 15 July 2015, 14:22

author: Jacob Blazewicz

San Diego Comic-Con Brings News on Star Citizen/Squadron 42

One of the events on the Comic-Con was a presentation on Star Citizen during which the creators provided some information about the game’s setting as well as other interesting facts.

San Diego Comic-Con Brings News on Star Citizen/Squadron 42 - picture #1
Star Citizen is a shining beacon for all crowdfunding projects.
Star Citizen in short:
  • Publisher/Developer: Cloud Imperium Games
  • Genre: space sim
  • Platform: PC
  • Release Date: unknown

During the San Diego Comic-Con the creators of Star Citizen answered some of the questions concerning the yet unreleased game. Their answers were brought to the mainstream public via Imperial News Networks blog and Twitch thanks to HPBraincase (according to what Bzerker01 posted on Reddit). The presentation’s main focus was on the single player campaign known by the name of Squadron 42 and the history of the game’s universe. According to its creators, the world of Star Citizen is built to resemble the rise and fall of the Roman Empire (think about the Vanduul pushing the United Empire of Earth from the West, just like the Visigoths assaulted the Roman Empire, and the strained relations between the Earth and Tierra resembling those between ancient Rome and Constantinople).

What’s interesting is that the creators basically turned the designing process upside down. Instead of writing the story and then creating the universe, they decided to begin with the universe and then let the players choose their own identity, their course and the things they want to do. This doesn’t mean that the campaign’s story will be lacking since the script of Squadron 42 is already 670 pages long. Even its creators admit that it’s more like a standalone AAA title storyline rather than a single player mode grudgingly slapped onto the game. Just the lore materials equal to roughly 300 pages. As far as the plot goes, we know about a squadron lost somewhere in the Caliban system. We will begin the adventure on a ship together with 35 crewmen and proceed through 21 chapters available in the first episode of Squadron 42. Around 30 to 40 hours of gameplay will be required to complete the storyline, although we don’t know if that means the whole campaign or just the first chapter.

As far as other facts are concerned, there will be no option to colonize and profit from the planets we discovered other than the bonus for discovering it and there will be measures employed to stabilize the game’s economy. Numerous measures, to be specific, since only 10% of the Star Citizen’s population will constitute of player characters. The rest of it, including about 20 million AI controlled agents, will be NPCs. Other things the creators mentioned included: ships (with a plethora of customization options), non-combatant roles the players can take in the game, and weapon manufacturers (with each maker possessing traits that allow to recognize them at a single glance).

Further information will be provided on the 10th of October at CitizenCon as well as the upcoming Gamescom (August 5-9). During Gamescom we will supposedly witness a presentation concerning the Multi-Crew Ships System and revealing a new test map – the Large World (A new edition of Multicrew Arena Commander is set for release not long after Gamescom). Below you can watch a movie recorded during the Comic-Con presentation.

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