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News Files and Mods 29 January 2023, 23:26

author: Adrian Werner

Sifu Thrives Thanks to Fans; Brand New Map and Mode

The Disciple Trials project has been released. This is the most ambitious mod for Sifu to date, which enhances the game with a new map and an additional gameplay mode.

Action game Sifu turned out to be one of the most pleasant surprises of last year. The popularity of the game spawned a lot of mods, but so far they were quite modest projects, adding, among other things, new character models (so you can play, for example, as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Wolverine, Scorpion from Mortal Kombat or Daredevil) or modifying gameplay (e.g. Sifun, Sifu Randomizer Mod or Enemy Spawner). Now fans have finally figured out the game engine enough to start creating more ambitious modifications. The first fruit of this became The Disciple Trials.

  1. The Disciple Trials - download the mod from our FTP server (the authors have given us permission to host a mirror)

The project adds an alternative gameplay mode, in which we have to face increasingly dangerous waves of enemies in the arena. Importantly, this is the first mod introducing a new map to the game. It is quite simple, but the very fact that the authors managed to do it is a great achievement and makes us optimistic about the future of modding for this game. The Disciple Trials also changes the 'health' bar. When we start a fight, it is empty and with each hit received it slowly fills up, and when it reaches the end - we lose.

The Dojo Monkeys group, responsible for the mod, has ambitious plans to develop the project. The plans include additional maps and combat techniques, as well as new enemy models and animations. The creators also want to transfer to Sifu elements from Absolver, the previous game by Sloclap.

It's worth mentioning that the developers themselves are working on their own arena mode, which is expected to be added via an update this year, although for now we don't know exactly how its gameplay mechanic will look like.

Sifu was released on February 8, 2022 on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The PC version is still sold exclusively on Epic Games Store, but is expected to appear on Steam next month.

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