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News video games 16 May 2022, 21:36

author: Agnes Adamus

Bloober Team is Making Silent Hill 2 Remake, Leak Claims

According to the latest rumors, Bloober Team is working on a remake of Silent Hill 2. Additionally, we are also to receive new installments of the iconic horror game series.

Update: VGC, citing its sources, confirmed the following revelations. It also provided additional information on the future of the Silent Hill brand. According to the website, Konami has been in talks with a number of companies regarding the creation of the next instalment of the series, including Annapurna Interactive. The website also suggests that the screenshots, which leaked a few days ago, come from a free playable "teaser" of the game, codenamed Sakura (that is, a project along the lines of P.T.).

In June last year, Bloober Team signed an agreement with Konami. At that time it was acknowledged that the earlier rumors about the new part of Silent Hill are true. Polish studio decided to deny these reports at the time, however, now the topic has returned. According to recent reports, the legendary horror brand is to be resurrected, and Silent Hill 2 will get a remake.

This information was revealed by a Twitter user known as Nate the Hate and what is more important, it was confirmed by Jeff Grubb from VentureBeat, which is considered one of the most reliable sources in the industry. He stressed, however, that not all the information is first-hand - it should be borne in mind.

According to these revelations Bloober Team is to work on a remake of Silent Hill 2. The new version of the iconic game will offer not only a visual refreshment, but also changes to environmental puzzles and the very endings of the title. The game will supposedly be a temporary title exclusive for PlayStation.

In addition, the Silent Hill series is expected to get new installments - another main part and minor titles, focusing on some side plots.

At this point, all these revelations are just rumors, we will have to wait for their confirmation.

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