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News video games 28 June 2017, 09:44

author: luckie

Somerville is a new game by co-developer of Limbo and Inside

He worked at PlayDead on Limbo and Inside. Now Dino Patti is collaborating with Chris Olsen on Somerville, an atmospheric, story-driven sci-fi action adventure game.

Titles like Limbo and Inside mean a lot to fans of ambitious, mature indie games. Developed by PlayDead, both games gained much acclaim and a slew of well-earned prestigious industry awards, including Best Independent Game, Best Art Direction, Best Audio and several others. Now, Dino Patti, one of the founders of PlayDead (who parted ways with the studio soon after releasing Inside) has announced a new project he is currently working on: Somerville, co-developed with Chris Olsen under the Jumpship studio.

Somerville is going to be a sci-fi side-scrolling action adventure game that focuses on “lives of key individuals in the wake of global catastrophe”. There is also an atmospheric teaser trailer, which reveals little more than that, but gives a glimpse of the game’s artistic vision.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the game yet. The developers aren’t ready to talk about Somerville’s release date or even its target platforms. Check out the game’s official website.



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