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News video games 14 March 2023, 14:38

author: Adam Adamczyk

Player Appetite for Sons of the Forest Content is Great

Sons of the Forest is being expanded all the time. What changes are likely to appear in the upcoming update? Players have high expectations.

Creators of Sons of the Forest still have a lot of work ahead of them if they want their hugely popular game to emerge from the early access phase in the best possible condition. Recently, the game received an update, which not only removed some bugs, but also introduced additional items. However, the community around the title wants more and is spamming Reddit with ideas on what Endnight Games should introduce in the future. It is very possible that some of these ideas will make their way into the game, because as it turns out, the developers are eager to listen to the voice of the players.

Removing armor from cannibals

Player Appetite for Sons of the Forest Content is Great - picture #1
Welcome to the forest fashion show!

In Sons of the Forest we can craft armor, using, among other things, leaves, bones or tissue taken off mutants. The latter type of protection is also popular with some of the cannibals that inhabit the island. Unfortunately, after defeating them their armor cannot be removed, which can be forcefully explained by the fact that our character is a bit disgusted, although this does not prevent us from eating the raw limbs of defeated opponents. The same also applies to some weapons, which also cannot be picked up after a victorious battle.

"Removing armor from opponents would be stealing, and stealing is wrong," commented user diggsfan14

We demand ladders!

Player Appetite for Sons of the Forest Content is Great - picture #2
Functional ladders can be found in some places.

In the game, with a little creativity and using a lot of wooden beams, you can build quite impressive structures. Higher floors can be reached by taking stairs or climbing a rope. However, players lack ladders, which would certainly provide a more comfortable climb to the higher floors of the house than the aforementioned rope. It is very possible that a ladder will be added in the future to, as several of them are already in the game and enable us to descend to bunkers scattered around the map.

"I've heard that the ladder is a game developer's worst enemy," quips BakedPotatoYT1

Virginia, come home

Player Appetite for Sons of the Forest Content is Great - picture #3
With someone like this, house break-ins don't scare us.

During the first hours in the game world, we can meet Virginia - a shy woman with three arms and three legs. Over time, however, the character gets used to us, gives us small gifts and can assist us in battle if we hand her a gun. If, in addition to the usual gun, we also equip her with a shotgun, she becomes extremely helpful when fending off cannibal attacks.

Unfortunately, Virginia, like a cat, likes to walk her own paths and sometimes moves significantly away from the base, and then we have to deal with the enemies alone, because Kelvin, our companion, is not very eager to fight. Admittedly, it is possible to increase the chances of the woman remaining at the base or nearby by placing pots of berries near the house, but it would be useful to be able to give Virginia commands and ask her to just stay at home..

"Virginia usually sticks close to home, but after the last update she goes somewhere far away and comes back from there very slowly," notes mralmostknowitall

Breaking the ice

Player Appetite for Sons of the Forest Content is Great - picture #4
I'm cold at the mere sight of it.

Four seasons are implemented in the game, and the most unfavorable for the player is, of course, winter. During this season there is a shortage of game in the forests, and water can only be obtained from rivers, as lakes and smaller bodies of water are frozen. In Sons of the Forest however, we have an axe, with which it would certainly be possible to break the ice. The developers could also be inspired by The Long Dark, in which you can melt and then boil snow, thus obtaining drinking water.

Uninvited guests

Player Appetite for Sons of the Forest Content is Great - picture #5
Get off my lawn!

As I mentioned earlier, from time to time our base is attacked by cannibals. It is possible to erect wooden defensive walls, and installed sharpened sticks into the ground, thus making it easier to repel the attack. Unfortunately, it is not so much the cannibals themselves that are problematic, but the places where they spawn.

I myself noticed more than once that looking down at the beach I saw only empty space. However, when I turned around for a few seconds and looked at the same spot again, there were suddenly several cannibals on the beach who appeared out of nowhere, just like the NCPD in Cyberpunk 2077.

The biggest problem, however, is when the enemies suddenly appear inside our base, and, unfortunately, this can happen. Such a problem should be fixed as soon as possible.

Finally, it is worth reminding that the next update will be released in 9 days and 12 hours (at the time of writing this text), that is, on March 24.

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