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News video games 10 March 2023, 12:54

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

Sons of the Forest's First Major Patch Goes Live; Adds New Items

Sons of the Forest received its first major update. It added among other things, a battle with a new miniboss and some items.

Early access survival game Sons of the Forest, a sequel to the popular The Forest, proved to be a huge success - within 24 hours of its release the game sold more than 2 million copies. Despite the warm reception (83% of reviews on Steam are positive), bugs present in the game from the beginning were troubling the players. Therefore the first patch, which has just been released Sons of the Forest, may be of interest to many people.

The update fixes a ton of imperfections, including bugs related to the behavior of AI-controlled characters - Kelvin will no longer sabotage buildings by cutting down the trees on which they are placed, and Virginia will stop appropriating ammunition when it comes time to return the weapon. Some sound and graphical glitches have also been fixed.

Most interesting, however, is the additional content that the patch has introduced. The list includes:

  1. a new miniboss fight;
  2. binoculars;
  3. hang glider;
  4. the gate of the defensive wall;
  5. a structure that fills the space between the beams;
  6. plot-related items;
  7. additional death animations of cannibals when they are hit in the head;
  8. the cannibals' new ability - they can attack the player after jumping from a tree.

There is also a number of gameplay balance changes. It seems that quite a few of them make life more difficult, like, for example, the fact that the player's sleep can now be interrupted by an attack. The first update to the game fixed, changed or added a ton of other things - you can track the full list here.

Sons of the Forest is available in Early Access only on Steam. According to the developers' initial plan, Early Access period will last from 6 to 8 months..

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Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

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