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News video games 10 March 2023, 13:31

author: Adam Adamczyk

Devs Have Listened; Sons of the Forest Community Happy With New Update

Players have expressed their opinions on the first major update released for Sons of the Forest. There is no shortage of praise aimed at Endnight Games.

Early access to Sons of the Forest has enjoyed tremendous popularity on Steam and, despite its many shortcomings, was met with a very positive reception from the players. However, there was no shortage of voices of dissatisfaction due to bugs, the poor AI of our companion Kelvin, or other problems that hampered gameplay to varying degrees. The first major update for the game is now available and as it turns out, the community is very happy with it.

What did the players like about it?

The SotF update not only removed quite a few bugs, but also introduced additional items and building capabilities. From now on, you'll be able to use, among other things, binoculars, which come in handy on lookout towers, or a hang glider, thanks to which you can quickly cover large distances and at the same time get a bird's-eye view of the forest.

Those who have the most fun with building will also enjoy the update. Noteworthy here are the changes, thanks to which doors can be closed using a simple stick, and the empty spaces under the roof of a self-erected building can now be easily filled.

The changes also brought a few hindrances that gently affect the survival aspect. For example, energy drinks now offer half the hydration and energy boost, and you can't simply sleep through the winter by going back to bed several times in a row, as a certain interval between sleep sessions is required. The nap itself can, in turn, be interrupted by an attack from enemies.

An important change is also that Kelvin will no longer cut down trees on which the player's buildings are located, which has been the cause of many memes.

A lot of praise has been heaped towards the developers of the game at Endnight Games - not only because of the improvements made by the update, but also because players' voices have been heard. This can be clearly seen on Reddit.

"This update has significantly exceeded my expectations," writes KeepBoopin

"This is what Endnight Games is all about. They did the same thing they did with the previous early access game and changed what they needed to without being afraid to experiment," praises noahsuperman

"Best fan service I've seen in years. They don't even communicate with us, they just act. I love it," notes HovercraftAromatic

While we don't know what changes the next update will bring, when you log in to the game, the start screen says that it will be rolled out in 13 days and 14 hours (at the time of writing), and thus at midnight from March 23 to 24.

Finally, it is worth recalling that the early access to Sons of the Forest is expected to last from 6 to 8 months. The full list of changes associated with the latest update can be found here.

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