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News video games 02 March 2017, 12:11

author: luckie

System Shock reboot switched to Unreal Engine 4

The upcoming System Shock reboot from Nightdive Studios is going to feature Unreal Engine 4 instead of Unity. There is a new video that presents the results of the shift.

Nightdive Studios decided to move the upcoming System Shock remake to Unreal Engine 4, Polygon learned in a discussion with game director Jason Fader at the Game Developers Conference this week. This new technology, Fader claims, is better suited for a first-person shooter developed with the current gen consoles in mind than Unity, which they had been using so far. Fans can already admire the early results of the shift in this gameplay video or the screenshots at the bottom of the news.

To be absolutely precise, the new version of the cult classic System Shock is not exactly a remaster or a remake. Instead, the developers call it “a faithful reboot”, which means that the spirit is the same, but the way it is presented is different. This is what Fader told Polygon:

We’re not touching the overall story (other than fixing plot holes). All of the characters you know and love will be back, but with more refined dialogue thanks to our lead narrative designer, Chris Avellone. Most of the classic creatures, weapons, items, and areas are being kept, but we will be applying modern game design principles and visuals to better introduce System Shock to current gamers that might not have had the chance to appreciate the original game.

What’s more, the System Shock reboot is going to feature environments that are much more open to exploration than the original’s, and is even described as “more of a Metroidvania-style” game. The game is planned to come out in mid to late 2018.

System Shock reboot switched to Unreal Engine 4 - picture #1
The team at Nightdive Studios are happy about the shift from Unity to Unreal Engine 4.
System Shock reboot switched to Unreal Engine 4 - picture #2
System Shock will feature action-based combat.
System Shock reboot switched to Unreal Engine 4 - picture #3
The developers want to retain the spirit of the original game.
System Shock

System Shock

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