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News guides 20 September 2023, 12:28

The First Descendant (2023) - How to Invite and Play with Friends

The First Descendant focuses on playing with your friends, though inviting them to the game can pose a challenge. Here you will find help on how to do it.

Source: The First Descendant, Developer: Nexon

Using the 5th version of Unreal Engine, The First Descendant has entered its next open beta period. Ultimately to be launched in free-to-play model, the game invites players to test what it has in store. What is more, the currently open beta offers crossplay making it easier to party up with your friends using different platform than yours. As the title focuses on cooperative play, making it easier to team up with more people is always a plus. If you would like to venture on a journey to hunt some loot with some companions, here you can learn how to invite and play with friends.

How to invite friends in The First Descendant

As basic as it may seem for a cooperation-focused game, inviting friends in The First Descendant is not a very straightforward thing to do. Follow the steps below to add them to your friends list:

  1. Enter the game’s Social menu by either opening the Inventory or the Map,
  2. Navigate to the Social tab,
  3. There you will see Player Search and Request Received sections on the right side of the menu,
  4. Accept a friend request there or enter your companion’s Player ID to send them an invitation.

There is also one very important feature added in the new beta test. If you are near the person you would like to add to your friends, you can click Player Interaction button (by default “T” key on PC) and choose Friend Request.

How to play with friends in The First Descendant

Once you have added some friends, they will appear in the Friends column in the middle of the menu in the Social tab. To play together, the inviter must be in Albion area of the game and then:

  1. Select Party Invite option while clicking on their name in the friends list,
  2. You can also invite to your party people who are not your friends by finding their Player ID and selecting the same option,
  3. Additionally, you can use the Player Interaction menu, while in close proximity to them and choose the appropriate option.

With all that done, you should be able to enjoy some company in The First Descendant. This system is far from perfect, but keep in mind that the title is still in beta so it is possible that this aspect will (hopefully) change.

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