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News guides 30 March 2023, 13:33

author: Adam Adamczyk

The Last of Us - Best Mods to Install

The Last of Us: Part I is now available on PC, and with the game also came the first modifications. In this guide you will learn which mods are the best.

The Last of Us, originally released on the PlayStation 3 console is, according to many gamers, one of the most important games of recent years. So it's no surprise that fans of the title created by Naughty Dog couldn't wait for the remake, which hit PC on March 28. Shortly after the release, the first mods began to appear, and in this guide you will learn which are the best.

The best mods for The Last of Us

The Last of Us: Part I came to PC gamers in a very bad technical condition. Numerous problems and poor optimization have become the bane of players; even those owning powerful PC complain about fps drops.

Improved performance

  1. OODLE V2.9.5 FIX - At the moment, this is the most downloaded modification for TLOU on Nexus Mods. According to the author, the developers used a flawed Oodle library, which is responsible for stuttering and general performance drops. Replacing it with a corrected version can positively affect the game's technical condition.
  2. DLSSTWEAKS - Among other things, this modification enables you to use DLAA anti-aliasing, or set DLSS scaling. In short, it can improve the fps count.

Additional mods

  1. Multifilter Pack - This mod enables you to apply subtle color filters to the image, which, depending on the player's preferences, can make the visual experience more pleasant.
  2. Debug Dev Menu - With this modification, you can access a variety of developer tools that can serve as a curiosity or a significant convenience during the gameplay.
  3. Skip startup Playstation intro - Every time you launch The Last Us Playstation intro appears. This modification removes it, enabling you to start playing faster.

The Last of Us on Steam Workshop

Modifications for The Last of Us: Part I are not yet available on Steam Workshop and it's unclear if there will ever be support for the Steam Workshop, as other former exclusives such as Uncharted or Spiderman have not lived to see such support

Due to the fact that the game is currently in a bad technical condition, the developers will be releasing patches, which may cause the installed modifications to stop working, although this does not always happen.

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