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The Last of Us Guide

The Last of Us Guide

“Man is the cruelest animal." This walkthrough for The Last of Us includes everything that is key for the stress-free completion of the game. Embark on a unique journey for survival in this brand new action adventure from Naughty Dog, creators of the acclaimed UNCHARTED series.

Last update: 12 September 2022

Our guide for The Last of Us will make it possible for you to survive in this dangerous post-apocalyptic world filled with bandits and mutated beings. The walkthrough we supply will help you be a part of Joel's and Ellie's journey through United States, offer tips on the most important gameplay mechanics, as well as show the locations of collectibles, the acquisition of which is necessary to attain 100% completion.

The Last of Us: Guide's content

The first major part of the guide is a detailed walkthrough for all chapters of the singleplayer campaign. The solution will help you during combat, both against living opponents and the mutated beings (including bosses). As it supplies suggested tactics and the location of enemies, as well as maps of the areas visited in-game that will help you with sneaking and learning the patrol routes of enemies. Last but not least, the walkthrough contains tips and solutions to puzzles that sometimes block the way forward. The endings are also discussed in detail in the guide.

The second major chapter of the guide is dedicated to collectibles. The list is divided based on the kinds of found items, which means separate sections for artifacts and dog-tags, training manuals and tools, and comic books. Obtaining these collectibles is required in order to obtain 100% completion of the game.

Further ahead, we introduced a chapter dedicated to the basics and the most important gameplay mechanics. The starting tips are a good place to begin, as they contain advice regarding exploration, staying alive, and eliminating opponents. Moreover, don't forget to visit the pages dedicated to best skills and using workbenches. This is not the end - we also supplied a few FAQ pages that answer the most important questions. They involve subjects such as how to kill Clickers and Bloaters, or how to survive the confrontation with David.

These main chapters of the guide are complemented primarily by the trophy guide, which offers information that will help you unlock 100% of the available achievements and obtain the platinum trophy. Finally, you can view pages on controls, system requirements (PC version) or how long it takes to complete The Last of Us.

The Last of Us: Quick Begginer's Guide

  1. Choose normal or hard difficulty level for your first playhrough. The latter will allow better immersion and force you to be more aware of your surroundings, but some encounters with infected may be hard. Fortunately, there is a NG+ mode. You can choose a different difficulty level for a second playthrough and collect all remaining secrets you've missed.
  2. Search each location throughly. This is especially important at higher difficulty levels, as you'll be facing limited supplies and in that case, each bullet or crafting reagent is worth its weight in gold. Make sure to look into all available interactive containers (cabinets, drawers, chests, etc.) Moreover, don't forget to search bodies.
  3. Be ready for larger battles . After entering each new area, don't rush and engage opponents right away, as you may die or be seriously injured. Try to locate the enemies from a safe distance first and learn their patrol routes. This will make further battles easier.
  4. Stay stealthed for as long as possible . Sneaking is a useful mechanic of The Last of Us, which makes it easier for you to stay alive. You can sneak up on enemies with the intention of silently killing them, or try to sneak through enemy locations without attacking your opponents. An all-out attack may mean that you won't be able to search the given location in 100%.
  5. Listening Mode can help you track your opponents . It is available on every difficulty level, except the highest one. This a good way of determining the current location of enemies without having to step out of cover and expose yourself to combat. The listening mode is unlimited and consumes no resources.
  6. Reaching some loot locations may require the use of Shiv . Try to have at least one such item at the ready, because if you cannot craft another shiv, you may be forced to skip some treasure locations. The shiv is also useful when attempting to cheat death after being caught by a Clicker.

More tips and tricks on survival and proper gameplay can be found on a separate page: .

The Last of Us: All levels, walkthrough

The walkthrough is divided into chapters. During each chapter, you may visit one or more locations. The order of visiting further locations is imposed and the game has only a single ending possible.

Prologue and The Quarantine Zone

  1. Prologue - The Prologue serves as an introduction to the world of TLoU, and you'll be playing Sarah for almost the whole duration. Here you'll learn of the initial days of the apocalypse.
  2. 20 Years Later - during this stage, Joel and Tess will traverse a safe part of the Quarantine Zone. You'll get acquainted with Joel's companion and the post-apocalyptic world.
  3. Beyond The Wall - here you'll face your first puzzle. You'll also encounter first infected, and learn how to track, skip, or safely eliminate them.
  4. The Slum - during this stage you'll face your first human opponents. While you're at it, you'll learn how to distract and silently kill them.
  5. The Cargo - here you'll fight a larger battle with bandits. Ellie appears for the first time here, which will be the start of your journey together.

The Outskirts

  1. Outside - This mission takes place during the night, and your objective will be to sneak and avoid enemies completely. There are a few puzzles here.
  2. Downtown - This stage is of note, as during it your first confrontation with a Clicker will take place, which is deadly in direct combat.
  3. The Museum - this one takes place (as the name suggests) in a museum. There are many treasures here, but you have to watch out for infected occupying it.
  4. The Capitol Building - you'll have to explore the town hall, and take care of the opponents, either by sneaking past them or eliminating them with stealth attacks. All battles are described in detail in the walkthrough.

Bill's Town

  1. The Woods - during this stage, you'll explore the forest and approach the first part of the town. The puzzles, confrontations, and the final scene (defending yourself from enemies) are all described in our walkthrough.
  2. Safehouse - in our walkthrough you will find a description of the hideout of the friendly Bill and all the valuable and unique items it hides.
  3. Graveyard - here you'll face the infected occupying the cemetery - while you're at it, you can search the nearby houses.
  4. High School Escape (text & map) - here you'll face a Bloater for the first time. There is a large encounter taking place in the gym.


  1. Alone and Forsaken (text & map) - our walkthrough explains how to escape the ambush and continue by fighting further groups of bandits.
  2. Hotel Lobby (text & maps) - the lobby is partially flooded, and you'll have to face both human and infected opponents. You'll encounter the next Bloater here.
  3. Financial District- time to visit the Financial District. Watch out for bandits that guard the way to loot.
  4. Escape the City- in this stage, you will meet Henry and Sam, with whom you'll form a short alliance. In our guide, we show how to avoid being detected and how to get rid of opponents quietly.

The Suburbs

  1. Sewers - during the exploration of servers, you'll come upon a few puzzles that have to be solved in order to move forward. The battles with encountered infected are also described here.
  2. Suburbs - thanks to our guide, you'll avoid the enemy sniper and get him from behind, as well as make use of the dropped sniper rifle to take care of some opponents.

Tommy's dam

  1. Hydroelectric Dam - there are some puzzles involving turbines awaiting you here - view the walkthrough to learn more. Once the puzzles are cleared, you'll need to reach Tommy and fight off incoming bandits.
  2. Ranch House - there is a bandit ambush in the forest - our walkthrough will help you in defeating it. Further ahead, you'll travel by horseback on the titular ranch, where you'll face even more enemies.

The University

  1. Go Big Horns! - the university is a large open area. In our walkthrough, you can find solutions to the encountered puzzles, learn how to defeat the infected and where to find valuables.
  2. Science Building - here you'll explore the titular building, face bandits and finally, help wounded Joel get out of the building.

Lakeside Resort

  1. The Hunt - during this stage you'll receive control over Ellie . Your mission will be to hunt a deer and then defend yourself from infected while accompanied by David.
  2. Cabin Resort - here you'll face David. At the end of the stage, you'll return back to controlling Joel.

Bus Depot

  1. Highway Exit - the road will take you through the titular highway, but you'll also visit a bus depot which will be a background to a pleasant meeting. There is much loot in the area.
  2. Underground Tunnel - here you'll explore a tunnel, with is filled with infected and there are a few puzzles along the way.

The Firefly Lab

  1. The Hospital - time to save Ellie. You'll face some human enemies along the way.


  1. Epilogue - The final part of the journey, which starts right after leaving the lab. Time for the final scenes and let credits roll.

The Last of Us: Secrets and collectibles

While playing The Last of Us , you can find a lot of collectibles . Some secrets only serve as collectibles, while , others (e.g. training manuals) can help you in becoming a more powerful character and making you able to dispatch enemies easier. . In this chapter of our guide, you can view the locations of all collectibles appearing during the main storyline. We divided the descriptions of the secrets first , according to their category, and then with the chapters in which you find them.

Artifacts and dog tags

  1. The Quarantine Zone - there are 8 artifacts and 3 dog-tags to find in The Quarantine Zone.
  2. The Outskirts - yhere are 9 artifacts and 4 dog-tags to find in The Outskirts.
  3. Bill's Town- there are 11 artifacts and 3 dog-tags to find in bill's town.
  4. Alone and Forsaken (Pittsburgh) - there are 10 artifacts and 1 dog-tag to find here.
  5. Hotel Lobby (Pittsburgh) - there are 2 artifacts and 1 dog-tag to find in the hotel lobby.
  6. Financial District, Escape the City (Pittsburgh) - there are 5 artifacts and 1 dog-tag to find here.
  7. The Suburbs - Sewer- there are 6 artifacts and 3 dog tags to find in the sewers.
  8. Suburbs - Suburbs- there are 4 artifacts and 1 dog-tag to find in the suburbs.
  9. Tommy's Dam- there are 2 artifacts and 2 dog-tags to find in tommy's dam.
  10. The University- there are 8 artifacts and 5 dog-tags to find in the university.
  11. Lakeside Resort- there are 5 artifacts and 2 dog-tags to find in cabin resort.
  12. Bus Depot- there are 3 artifacts and 3 dog-tags to find in the bus depot.
  13. Firefly Lab - there are 4 artifacts and 1 dog-tag here.

Training manuals and tools

  1. Bill's Town - 1 Blades Manual and 1 Tools .
  1. Pittsburgh- 1 Health Splinting, 1 Shiv Reinforcement, 1 Melee Knots, 1 Molotov Construction, Tools.
  2. Suburb- 1 Bomb Containment, 1 Melee Manual, 1 Tools
  3. Tommy's Dam- 1 Bomb Containment, 3 Tools, 2 Melee Manual.
  4. The University - Health Sterilization 2, Molotov Deployment 2, Tools 4.
  5. Lakeside Resort - Smoke Shaping.
  6. Bus Depot - Bomb Shrapnel, Tools 5.


  1. Pittsburgh- There are 4 comics to be found in this location.
  2. The Suburbs- There are 2 comics to be found in this location.
  3. Tommy's Dam- There are 2 comics to be found in this location.
  4. The University- There is 1 comic to find in this location.
  5. Lakeside Resort- There are 2 comics to find in this location.
  6. Bus Depot - There are 2 comics to be found in this location.
  7. Jackson - There is 1 comic to find in this location.

The Last of Us: Basics

This chapter of our The Last of Us guide is dedicated to the most basic gameplay mechanics. The knowledge found here will help you in getting acquainted with the mechanics of the game.

  1. Best tips - here you can learn more about equipment and ways of upgrading it.
  2. Best Skills - here is a breakdown of the most important skills that come in handy when attempting to stay alive and defeat difficult opponents.
  3. Workbenches - we explain how to use workbenches and choose the best upgrades.

The Last of Us: FAQ

The FAQ section of our The Last of Us guide supplies answers to the most frequently asked questions and helps you deal with potential problems that may arise when playing.

  1. Choices and endings - are they in the game? - Here you can find whether there are choices in the game and whether there is an alternative/hidden ending.
  2. Clicker - how to kill? - this page is dedicated to one of the most dangerous infected. We show how to avoid being detected and how to get rid of a Clicker efficiently.
  3. Bloater - how to kill? - Bloaters are elite infected that you'll face several times during the story. Here you'll find a breakdown of their attacks and ways of defeating them efficiently.
  4. David - how to beat? - this page is dedicated to David boss encounter. Here you'll learn how to avoid being detected during the encounter and how to defeat the antagonist.

The Last of Us: Trophy guide and Platinum trophy

Obtaining the platinum trophy in TLoU is quite difficult, as it requires a completed Survivor (highest difficulty level) playthrough, finding 100% of collectibles, and making certain progress in the multiplayer mode. When it comes to the PS5 remaster, obtaining the platinum trophy is easier, as the multiplayer functionalities have been removed.

  1. Trophies / Achievements - list - On this page you can find detailed notes regarding individual trophies and ways of getting them.. This will help in your attempts of getting the platinum trophy.
  2. That's All I Got - This is a hidden trophy that requires you to listen to all of Ellie's jokes . You can treat them as collectibles - we've shown the locations where they take place in our guide.

The Last of Us: Game length

Completing the main campaign in The Last of Us should take you about 15-25 hours , while the Left Behind story expansion can extend the game by another 3 hours . The total time played largely depends on the difficulty level you've chosen, as at higher levels, many confrontations may have to be repeated.

For more information regarding the length of the game and its DLC, as well as time needed to unlock 100% of trophies, see Game Length page of the guide.

The Last of Us: PC system requirements

The new remaster of TLoU, The Last of Us Part I will be released on PCs . At the time of writing this guide, the system requirements (both minimum and recommended) haven't been released to the public. We will update the guide as soon as they appear.

For more information on the requirements and operation of the game on PC and on consoles, see the System Requirements page. We've also covered the PC edition in more detail on PC Version page of the guide.

The Last of Us: PS5 remake

The newest release in The Last of Us series, The Last of Us: Part I, has been released on PlayStation 5 consoles and PCs. The new remaster offers significant improvements in graphics quality, some changes to gameplay mechanics (inspired by The Last of Us: Part 2), and full compatibility with the DualSense controller. Unfortunately, Part I had all multiplayer functionalities removed - only single-player campaign is available.

All new features of the remake has been described in detail on a separate page The Last of Us Part I - is it a remake?.

About The Last of Us Guide

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Translator : Slawomir "Szczur" Niejadlik

Guide contains : 58 pages, 956 images.

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The Last of Us Video Game

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