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News video games 28 April 2021, 21:53

author: Angelika Kaldus

The Sims 4 April Update and New Expansion Announced

The April 2021 update for The Sims 4 brought more gameplay elements and fixed some bugs. Maxis also announced a new expansion for the game.


  • The April 27 update includes new gameplay elements, but mostly fixes major and minor bugs;
  • The next update will be released in May and will include 6 new hair colors;
  • Maxis announced new expansion and kit for The Sims 4 - more details in a few weeks.

April's update for The Sims 4 brought a lot of cosmetic changes, including new hairstyles for children, removal of minor and major bugs and improved in-game texts. We also know what will appear in the May update and about the new add-on and kit for The Sims 4, announced on Maxis' stream.

The Sims 4 April update - novelties

  • Updated 2 hairstyles and made them suitable for children and toddlers;
  • Fixed a bug with pop-up windows in gallery or social groups panel opening in wrong tab;
  • Improved consistency of school and career descriptions and translated some debug options in The Sims 4: Snowy Escape and The Sims 4: Discover University;
  • Fixed a bug that caused sterilized cats to go into heat;
  • Vegetarian sims can no longer eat meat leftovers in the fridge, but can make hotdogs over the campfire;
  • Washing in the rain is now possible with light rainfall;
  • In The Sims 4: Snowy Escapades, high intensity slopes are now available on medium and expert difficulty;
  • Vampire's diet was made more varied - e.g. fish and frogs appeared in menu;
  • Bug related to abandoning chores and starting cleaning has been fixed.

During the Inside Maxis stream the developers also announced 6 new hair colors, which will appear in The Sims 4 in May. Along with them, players will receive, for example, an updated look for the afro hairstyle, 2 new eye contours, and even - with some luck - a partial fix for lag in simulations. The developers aren't promising anything in this regard, but they are asking users to send save files to EA Answers HQ to help improve The Sims 4.

More importantly, however, the studio announced a new game pack and kit for The Sims 4, details of which will be revealed in just a few weeks. Some have speculated about the appearance of werewolves based on a tweet from The Sims' official Spanish account showing a sim with arm hair, or a now-deleted message from Dave Miotke, the game's developer. However, the clues are very vague and should not be given much weight.

The Sims 4 April Update and New Expansion Announced - picture #1
Sim with a hairy hand / Source: Los Sims, Twitter
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