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News video games 28 April 2021, 22:09

author: Jacob Blazewicz

First Reviews: Total War: Rome Remastered - Return to Rome Like in the Old Days

The first reviews of Total War: Rome Remastered have hit the net. Critics praised the changes and improvements in gameplay and audiovisual layer, but also commented on the overly visible age of the original production.

Tomorrow we will return to ancient Rome in the refreshed version of one of the older installments of the Total War series. However, if you are still thinking about buying it, the first reviews of Total War: Rome Remastered are already available online. It is also worth checking the final system requirements, which have just been published by Creative Assembly.

Total War: Rome Remastered - selected review scores

  1. - 8.5/10
  2. CGMagazine - 8/10
  3. PCGamesN - 8/10
  4. TheSixthAxis - 8/10
  5. - 76/100
  6. Cultured Vultures - 7/10
  7. Eurogamer Italy - 7/10
  8. IGN - 7/10

As you can see, reviews of the refreshed Rome: Total War are still few, but they give us an idea of how the return to Rome after several years played out. Virtually all critics praise the title as a great remaster, full of various improvements and some new features, and - last but not least - available at half the price for owners of the original game. Allegedly, this will even work for old disc editions - just connect them to your library on Steam. You have time to take advantage of the deal before June 1.

Total War: Rome Remastered offers all the content of the original along with two add-ons. The team at Feral Interactive has also made a handful of mods, including the addition of 16 playable factions and a new agent in the form of a merchant. What is pleasantly surprising is the ability to disable any of these changes in the gameplay before the start of the campaign. Thanks to this we can play using rules straight from 2004 or enjoy only some of the innovations.

However, this does not apply to interface improvements, improved camera, and - of course - fresh visuals. Despite the use of an old engine (at least according to the assurances of Creative Assembly), developers managed to significantly improve the visual, especially in the subject of lighting and special effects. Also included is support for 4K resolution and ultra-wide monitors. The polished music has received a lot of praise, according to some placing Total War: Rome Remastered as the leader amond strategy game soundtracks.

However, it was at the audiovisual layer where some reviewers saw fit to mention the game's single but significant problem. Total War: Rome Remastered is still the same old Rome: Total War and despite the polishing, in some places it is all too apparent that more than 15 years have passed since the release of the original. The visuals, though nicer, betray their age with animations and detailed level of unit models, and various improvements are not enough for the gameplay to match the standards set by the newer installments of the series from Creative Assembly. This is particularly evident in the lackluster AI of the game's enemies, but even the universally praised revamped interface was too similar to the 2004 edition (even if this was deliberate on the developers' part) for some.

However, even this otherwise serious flaw didn't spoil the fun for reviewers, as evidenced by the scores, which start at 7/10. Rome: Total War is still a great strategy game that can attract more than just fans of the original who are craving a bit of nostalgia. It is worth noting that the game offers full support for fan mods right away. So we can hope that the community centered around Creative Assembly's strategy game series will take care of additional refreshment of the Roman installment.

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Total War: Rome Remastered

Total War: Rome Remastered

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