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News video games 20 September 2022, 11:48

author: Jakub Tarchala

Uber in Contact With FBI; Connection to GTA 6 Hacking Possible

Uber suspects that the Lapsus$ group is responsible for a hacking attack on the company. The makers of the popular app have asked for help from the FBI and the US Department of Justice.

Source: Rockstar Games

In recent days black clouds have been gathering over Rockstar Games. On Sunday you could read about the big leak, involving as many as 90 videos from a very early version of GTA 6. Materials published by an anonymous user have flooded the Internet, to which Take-Two Interactive could not remain indifferent. Significantly, a few days earlier there had been a similar hacking on Uber's servers. It is believed that the two cases are related.

Transportation technology giant Uber, reports in its statement that the target of the hacker or hackers was an Uber executive's account. Its takeover gave the perpetrators access to employee accounts, including Google Workspace and Slack (a platform for corporate communications). Those responsible for the attack are suspected to be members of the hacker group Lapsus$, which poses a growing threat around the world.

Uber has turned to the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice for help. It is possible that in light of reports linking the two cases (indicated by the use of similar methods, including gaining access to Slack), the investigation will also include the recent attack on Rockstar Games.

Lapsus$ - who are they?

The prime suspect behind the recent attacks is a 16-year-old British man named Arlon, who operates online under the alias "White" or "Breachbase." Despite his young age, he already has a record of arrests for similar crimes (via The Gamer), and his illegal hacking activities have allegedly earned him $14 million.

The roots of the entire group, in turn, go back to South America (per VGC). At the moment, Lapsus$ poses a serious threat to national security. According to information available on the Internet, as of early 2022 the group's victims included such companies as Microsoft, Samsung and Nvidia. In March, it also allegedly hacked Ubisoft's servers, which ended up with problems with the network infrastructure of the Ubisoft Connect platform.

Rockstar Games also issued its announcement on the matter:

The studio does not hide its disappointment with the situation. The company also thanks players for their support and clearly declares its intention to continue work on GTA 6. This is not the only voice on the matter given by Rockstar Games - yesterday we wrote about the anonymous opinions of company's employees on the unfortunate leak.

Jakub Tarchala

Jakub Tarchala

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