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News video games 05 March 2020, 01:04

author: Mathias Zulpo

Valve Index Will Be Back in Stock Next Monday, but to Get It, You'll Need to Hurry

Valve is finally restocking its Index VR goggles. They will be back on Monday, March 9, but are expected to sold out quickly. There's also a little surprise for those who already own the kit.

Valve confirmed on Wednesday that the Valve Index VR goggles – a piece of tech necessary if you want to play the upcoming, highly-anticipated Half-Life Alyxwould finally get restocked on Monday, March 9, 10AM PDT. Valve Index remained sold out for almost a month, even when it was revealed that Half-Life Alyx would be relased on March 23, with gamers all around the world growing more and more impatient as Index-less days dragged on.

Now, if you want to get your hands on the Index, better hurry. Valve said they were expecting that “available stock on hand will sell out quickly,” just like it did after the announcement of Half-Life Alyx.

To celebrate the return of its sought after VR kit, Valve also released two new SteamVR Home environments from Half-Life Alyx. This way whoever already owns the Index can now take a look at the narrow streets of City 17, as well as hardware-filled Russel’s laboratory. (That’s the guy starring in the trailers.) Here’s a glimpse:

Valve Index will be back in stock next Monday, but to get it, youll need to hurry - picture #1
City 17 and Russel’s laboratory in all their glory. Look closely and you’ll see the Citadel!

In case you missed it: Valve also released a new, 10-minute gameplay footage from Half-Life Alyx yesterday, showcasing a miniboss fight and different ways in which you can move around in the game. Plus it’s really smooth. Watch it here.

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