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News video games 02 March 2020, 21:22

author: Mathias Zulpo

10 Minutes of New Half-Life Alyx Gameplay Feature a Miniboss Fight, Among Others

Three new gameplay videos from Half-Life Alyx feature a minigun-wielding miniboss fight, some pretty City 17 landscapes, and killing zombies like there was no tomorrow.

Valve has just released a new, three-part gameplay footage from Half-Life Alyx. The first part is available below, and follows Alyx as she struggles to get through zombie-filled metro tunnels. The remaining two videos – unlisted on YouTube – can be found here. They focus on exploration and end with a mingun-wielding miniboss fight.

The action-packed videos highlight new mechanics that were not present in the earlier games. They include:

  1. Dishonored style “dash” ability.
  2. Manual removal of obstacles such as boards that block some entrances.
  3. Applying upgrades such as exploding bullets to your gun.

Apart from that, the Half-Life 2 spirit is still there. Fighting zombies, wrecking some headcrabs, and shooting barnacles like there was no tomorrow are thus all present, and so if you’re a HL2 veteran, you should feel at home.

10 minutes of new Half-Life Alyx gameplay feature a miniboss fight, among others - picture #1
Feels like home, eh?

Half-Life Alyx is scheduled for release on March 23, Valve recently announced. Check out if your PC can handle it by reading the minimum system requirements (which, frankly, are pretty high).

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