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News video games 31 August 2022, 17:06

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Wake Up Call Didn't Help Valve; M0nesy Shows Another Exploit

G2 Esports player m0nesy once again showed that Valve doesn't care about bugs. This time on Mirage a Molotov cocktail was put to some interesting use.


The story of m0nesy showing people how to throw grenades in CSGO will probably never end. The player again showed off a way to throw the so-called one way, this time using a Molotov cocktail.

A familiar spot

Mirage seems to be the CSGO map that is most prone to creating all kinds of bugs. This statement can be further refined, as most exploits on this map take place near a window.

It is no different with one way Molotov, which you can see below (this is a fragment from a stream of another player watching m0nesy).

"One way is the term used most often for smoke grenades. Their proper throwing enables the player to see the enemy while remaining invisible behind a cloud of smoke."

Two-way one way

Although m0nesy threw the incendiary bottle from the ladder room, there is also a second way to throw the cocktail. All you have to do is position yourself behind the wall in the window, aim slightly below the right corner of the passage to the aforementioned room and click the left mouse button.

Valve is asleep, and m0nesy continues to do his thing

In the interview, which the player gave at the beginning of July, we could read that the bugs that are used by the player are no novelty. Quite a few of them are several years old (even the one above has been known for more than a year) and remains in the game, offering one side an advantage.

As you can see, Valve did not take Millet's harsh words to heart and the bugs still exist in the game. What's more, looking at how "actively" the developers are fighting such exploits, we can expect that they are unlikely to disappear from CSGO, and will only expand the player arsenal.

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