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News video games 29 June 2022, 14:13

author: Krzysiek Kalwasinski

War Thunder - Danger Zone Update Available Now

The latest War Thunder update brings a slew of new machines, most notably the F14A. In addition, we'll get several quality-of-life improvements.

War Thunder has received a new update titled Danger Zone. It introduces new machines, particularly the F14A. This is the first fourth-generation fighter to appear in the game. Due to its large size, the plane is notoriously difficult to fly. However, the developers made sure this wasn't a problem for players. It should be noted at the same time that it is an easy target for cannons and missiles.

In addition, War Thunder will receive several gameplay improvements to increase the comfort. The update introduces other novelties, which you can read about below.

War Thunder - new toys

Apart from F14A, each nation in the game will receive a new machine. Below, you will find some of the more interesting ones:

  1. VCAC MEPHISTO is a French anti-tank system. It's characterized by the possibility of shooting from behind cover thanks to elongated cannons and thermovision;
  2. ZTZ99A is a Chinese tank with better shells and improved protection;
  3. Australian variant of M1A1 Abrams with high-level optics and good protection;
  4. Leopard 2A4, a German tank in a camouflage mesh;
  5. G6 Rhino, a South African self-propelled howitzer cal. 155mm;
  6. HMS Hood, the famous British battlecruiser;
  7. Italian Lancia 3Ro (100/17) truck with a 100mm cannon and supporting HESH missiles.

In addition, there are several new Israeli helicopters in the game.

War Thunder - remaining novelties

Incendiary mixtures (napalm) will also appear in War Thunder, which will initially be used by American, German, Soviet, Israeli and Chinese aircraft. Later, they will also be included in planes of other countries. Napalm works on the target for about a minute, destroying lightly armored units that can also set fire to each other.

The interface has also been improved, and is now supposed to be much clearer. It will also be easier to see how our attacks are affecting ground targets. Graphic upgrades have also been implemented. New effects have been added to animations of projectiles hitting the ground, rocket marks were improved, and there was a general overhaul of the game's graphics.

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