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Watch Dogs Legion - 30 Minutes of Gameplay

At this year's E3 Ubisoft presented almost half an hour of gameplay from Watch Dogs Legion. Thanks to this, the players can see the possibility of recruiting any NPC in action, and also look at the dystopian, slightly cyberpunk incarnation of London.

At this year's E3 fair, Ubisoft announced Watch Dogs Legion, the third installment of its series of open-world action games, which will hit PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 6, 2020. During the conference of the French publisher we saw a climatic trailer and a short gameplay fragment. Today, however, we could watch almost half an hour long gameplay with developers' comments. Joshua Cook, the art director of the project, and Mathieu Berube, the chief designer, present their latest work in action and at the same time talk about its most important elements.

Watch Dogs Legion weill take us to post-brexit, slightly cyberpunk London. Contrary to the earlier installments of the series, we will not find a main character here - instead we will play any inhabitant of the city, whom we will be able to recruit to DedSec... provided that he shows sufficient sympathy for the group. However, nothing stands in the way of trying to convince a person to our cause, for example by carrying out a special mission for him or her.

However, it is better not to get too attached to the characters recruited in this way. First, such a person will be able to die at any time and we won't be able resurrect them in any way, and second, that individual "heroes" will have different bonuses (such as bonuses for injuries inflicted in close combat... after drinking alcohol) and represent different specialties (we will decide for ourselves whether the character is to be an enforcer, infiltrator or hacker; the choice made by us will project on what kind of perks will be available to our "legionnaire"). It is worth noting that nothing stands in the way of modifying the NPC's clothing after the are "acquired" - the creators provide us not only with a wide range of trousers, jackets, caps and glasses, but also masks.

Watch Dogs Legion - 30 Minutes of Gameplay - picture #1
Ubisoft has a unique idea of what London may look like in the future.

In addition, the creators allow us to take a look at the sneaking and quiet elimination of enemies, driving a car and motorcycle or playing with futuristic gadgets. We can also see that the London of the future will probably look familiar... if it wasn't for the ubiquitous drones or even the rather astonishing appearance of the vehicles driving on the streets.

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Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion

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