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News video games 17 June 2022, 10:43

Which GTA 5 Online Car is Fastest in 2022?

In GTA Online you will find a whole bunch of different cars. Find out which is the fastest one.

When driving on the streets of Los Santos, we have the opportunity to use a really large number of different cars. It is likely that a certain question arises in the mind of every player: which of them is the fastest?

This knowledge is especially important if you intend to participate in races. After all, in addition to your skills, the power of your machine also counts. But look no further. Here you can find out which car will give you the best performance.

The fastest car in GTA Online

Which GTA 5 Online Car is Fastest in 2022? - picture #1
Source: Rockstar Games

Developers of GTA Online regularly enrich the game with new content, so you can expect that even faster machines will appear in one of the upcoming updates.

Currently, however, the fastest car is the Ocelot Pariah. This model will enable you to reach the highest speed on a straight line. We are talking about 218 km/h. No other car available in the game can match it.

The cost of its purchase is 1,420,000 virtual dollars. You can purchase it through the Legendary Motorsport company.

Exceptions to the rule

However, it should be mentioned that there are other vehicles that can enable you to reach, albeit temporarily, even greater speeds in GTA Online. We are talking about cars with rocket propulsion.

Models such as the Vigilante, the Scramjet and the Rocket Voltic can be mentioned here. However, they are extremely expensive and also offer the use of the "afterburner" for a limited time.

Overall, their performance is therefore less than the aforementioned Ocelot Pariah. Currently, it is the best choice if you are looking for a machine that will give you pure, unlimited speed.

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